Mr. B's Student Principal Profile - Baby Harry

This week's Principal Profile is Baby Harry.  Harry is in grade 1 and has two sisters, Justine and Maddy, that also attend CHSMES.  Harry is one of our Autistic students, he is non-verbal but with all the hard work that is changing.  He has been with CHSMES since K4.  This year he really has been taking to music.  He's been singing as well as playing his guitar.

His success is due to the committment his family has made to ensure that Harry is at school and ready to go.  He is striving for perfect attendance (presently 0 days absent), with the attendance committment and daily routine as part of the program, Harry's improvement is AWESOME!

Mom has noticed a huge change in him this year, and she loves the relationship between him and his worker Laurie.  Laurie is quick to note that "he is having a blast at school, the routine and structure keeps him learning new things everyday while enjoying his peers and having lots of fun"

Not only is Harry benefiting from his classmates, but his classmates have been benefitting from him... Keep up the great work. CHSMES Loves you!

Wolamsotas Harry... We all believe in YOU!