CHSMES Feature Student Athlete Mark Brooks!

Our most newest CHSMES feature student athlete is Mark Brooks from Ms. Boyers’ grade 5 class.  Mark is a very hard working student in and outside the classroom here at CHSMES.  He is a kind student who always is eager to make other students smile.  He works hard at recess and during intramurals at improving his skills and recently finished 6th place at the District NBA 2Ball Challenge with partner Mariah.   He also is a great teammate in the CHSMES basketball league helping all students improve and also making his teammates all feel like the are valuable members of their team.  On top of all this Mark plays on the Atom Red Wings in the FYHA.  He plays goalie and I heard he looks a lot like Carey Price in nets!  Way to go Mark!

I recently sat down with Mark to ask him a few questions about himself:

What is your favorite NHL player?  Sidney Crosby. (Great choice Mark!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to play in the NHL as a goalie!  (I hope you make it, keep working hard!)

Something interesting about yourself?  I like to play NHL 18 on Xbox 1.  

Your favorite meal?  I like hotdogs and caeser salad.

Do you have any advice to young student athletes?  Yes.  Wolamsotas!  Why?  Because if you believe in yourself anything is possible!  (Great advice Mark!)

Keep up the great work Mark, we are proud of you here at CHSMES!