Wulastukw Challenge 2017

Its that time of year again for the CHSMES Wulastukw Challenge.  The Wulastukw Challenge is a school wide pedometer challenge where every student can run, walk, or jog for the first five minutes of Physical Education class wearing a pedometer.  At the end of the five minutes steps are recorded. The top ten scores from each class are added up to give each class their score for the day.  The first class to take 150,000 steps is the Wulastukw Champion.  

The Wulastukw Challenge was created to encourage students to get moving.  It has  really turned into a great competition that encourages students to be active while working together for a common goal.  It also encourage students to create daily step goals and to believe in themself!  Wolamsotas! 

The Grade 4 class from last year was the Champion.  Can they repeat?  Guess we'll have to wait and see!

Check out the results from the first five days!