Grade Five Legend Unit



In this unit the students will be exploring local Traditional Legends and mystical stories of Koluskap as well as legends from all over Turtle Island (North America). The students will be viewing the movie “Dreamkeepers” that depicts a grandpa (story teller) and a troubled grandsons (Shane) journey to the All Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Grandpa tells stories to Shane during their travels as they encounter difficulties. The legends come to life before their eyes and Shane slowly learns that grandpa is passing down all his wisdom and knowledge before grandpa takes his journey to the spirit world.

This is a concrete way of teaching the important value of legends in our Wolastoqi Culture. Students will be immersed in First Nation legends and will see them come alive onscreen as well as learning the value of our oral way of teaching.

The intent of this unit is to educate the student of how important legends are to the survival of our people. Also, to teach the student how vital it is for them to keep the legends alive and to pass them forward to the next seven generations.

Choir practice on Tuesdays at noon

Practice on Tuesdays at 2:45.

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