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This years annual Terry Fox Fundraiser concluded last week with all CHSMES students, staff and parents going on our annual Terry Fox walk.  We set a high goal of $700.  Students and staff brought in $380 dollars , and Chief and Council, SMEC, and St. Mary's Retail sales all donated $150 each to give a grand total of $830, a new CHSMES Terry Fox fundraiser record!  Thank you all who donated to raise money for such an important cause!  

Woliwon naka Wolamsotas!

Mr. Seymour naka Mr. Morrison

Welcome back students to the 2018-2019 school year!  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer vacation and are ready for another exciting year here at CHSMES.  Our first sport starts this week with the CHSMES Cross Country team holding our first practice tomorrow at lunch!  There will also be soccer starting for students in grade 1-2, a shoe tying club for all grades, and of course our Terry Fox fundraiser will be starting shortly.  Wolamsotas!

Mr. Seymour

Our most newest CHSMES feature student athlete is Mark Brooks from Ms. Boyers’ grade 5 class.  Mark is a very hard working student in and outside the classroom here at CHSMES.  He is a kind student who always is eager to make other students smile.  He works hard at recess and during intramurals at improving his skills and recently finished 6th place at the District NBA 2Ball Challenge with partner Mariah.   He also is a great teammate in the CHSMES basketball league helping all students improve and also making his teammates all feel like the are valuable members of their team.  On top of all this Mark plays on the Atom Red Wings in the FYHA.  He plays goalie and I heard he looks a lot like Carey Price in nets!  Way to go Mark!

I recently sat down with Mark to ask him a few questions about himself:

What is your favorite NHL player?  Sidney Crosby. (Great choice Mark!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to play in the NHL as a goalie!  (I hope you make it, keep working hard!)

Something interesting about yourself?  I like to play NHL 18 on Xbox 1.  

Your favorite meal?  I like hotdogs and caeser salad.

Do you have any advice to young student athletes?  Yes.  Wolamsotas!  Why?  Because if you believe in yourself anything is possible!  (Great advice Mark!)

Keep up the great work Mark, we are proud of you here at CHSMES!

Congratulations to Mariah and Mark on finishing 6th place at the district NBA 2ball challenge which took place at the UNB Currie centre.  Mariah and Mark faced off against all schools from the Fredericton area Anglophone West School District and some Francophone schools and were able to finish 6th.  What a great accomplishment.  Congratulations and way to go!  Wolamsotas!

The Chsmes Basketball had its first regular season games of the season Thursday at lunch recess.  Students have been practicing hard and it really showed as both games were very close with one game going to a shoot-out! It was a great first day!  Thanks to all the parents who came to watch. Everyone is welcome so please come check our hoops action.  Next league action is scheduled for Tuesday at lunch. See you there!  Wolamsotas!

Welcome back all CHSMES students, staff, and families.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with family and friends.  We are sure looking forward to an awesome 2018!  

Our latest CHSMES student-athlete is Myla Atwin.  Myla is a grade 5 student who is great leader in and outside of the classroom.  Myla strives at always trying to do the right thing and is eager to learn new things.   Currently she plays on the Lions (A-team) under 12 girls which plays in the Northside Minor Basketball Association.  She was a member of the CHSMES Cross Country team, and raquet club.  She also plans on playing in the CHSMES basketball league which starts next week.  

I sat down with Myla and asked her a few questions about sports and her favorite things.  She stated that her favorite sport is basketball.  Her favorite sport in basketball and when she grows up she would like to be a basketball coach. Her favorite food is caeser salad!

I asked her if she had any tips for students that were new to basketball and she said "to never give up trying" and "always try your best"!   

Keep up the great Myla and we are proud of you here at CHSMES!  Wolamsotas!

Our two featured student athletes are Madden Underhill-Brooks and Zander Sacobie. These two boys are representing CHSMES and St. Mary's in the local minor hockey league working hard trying to improve their skating and shooting skills.  They both tell me they really love the game of hockey.

Madden is a kindergarten(k5) who is playing his first year in timbits hockey.  Madden plays on the Canadiens out of the Willie O'Ree Arena.  His favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens and when Madden grows up he would like to be a police office.  His favorite game day food is chicken nuggets and fries.  

Zander is part of the early years at CHSMES in K4 program.  He is also in his first year of timbits playing for the bruins also out of the Willie O'Ree arena.  He would like to be a NHL goalie when he grows up for the Boston Bruins.  His favorite game day snack is marshmellows!  

Both of these boys are working hard in and out of the classroom and I am looking forward to seeing them grow into fine young student athletes.  Keep up the good work boys and remember.......Wolamsotas!



Students will be skating at Willie O'Ree on the Fridays listed below up until the Christmas break.  Our first skating date was today with a great turnout of students and parents from CHSMES.  Parents please feel free to join us whenever you can.  Just a reminder to make sure that your son/daughter have proper clothing for skating as well as skates and helmets.  We have some skates and helmets at the school to borrow if needed.  

Thanks and hope to see you skating.

November 17

December 1,18,15

Students from grades 3-5 will skate from 9:30-10:15 and students from grades k-2 will skate from 10:30-11:15.

Woliwon !

Throughout the course of the school year CHSMES will be featuring different student-athletes.  The first feature athlete is Terryn Bear.  Terryn is a grade 3 student who loves to run and is becoming a great role model for all students here at CHSMES.  Terryn joined the CHSMES cross country team this fall and has had outstanding results in every race she has participated in.  She is the first student in CHSMES history to win a District Championship Race.

Her accomplishments include:  2nd Place- Gibson Neil Elementary race, 1st Place- Henry Park race, 1st Place-McAdam Ave race, 1st Place-District Championship @ Nasis Middle  ,  2nd Place-Provincials @ O'Dell park, (Atlantics November 4, 2017)

Terryn's success is a result of not only her natural ability to run, but the extra practice that she puts in daily.  She works extremely hard at every opportunity to practice.  She is a fierce competitor and loves the challenge to race against anyone who lines up with her.  She has really demonstrated the power of Wolamsotas, that if you believe in yourself and try your best than anything is possible.  

Terryn has one race left to go this Cross Country season.  This past Sunday she placed second in the Provincial Championships and which gives her the opportunity to represent Team NB at the Atlantics in Moncton November 4th.  We are very proud of Terryn and wish her good luck at Atlantics!  Wolamsotas!

Welcome back to school CHSMES student-athletes!  I hope you had a great summer with your family and friends.  I am really excited for what the upcoming school year has to offer!  

Our first extra curricular club will start next week with a sign up for the CHSMES Cross Country team.  Get your running shoes on and start practicing, the first race is September 20th!!!!!  

See you on Tuesday!


Mr. Seymour


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