Mr. Seymour

The 3rd place final for the CHSMES basketball league will be tomorrow March 30th at 12:20 in the CHSMES gym.

The Championship game will be Friday March 31st at 1:00pm.  Come check out some great hoops action!


Mr. Seymour

The CHSMES NBA2ball team participated in the District NBA2Ball Tournament on Wednesday, February 22 at the UNB Currie Centre.  

For the first time in CHSMES history Marshall Brooks and Layla Finnie won first place!!!!!  The had a first place score of 87 points!   Way to go!

Partners Luke Wilson Paul and Dawson Sacobie finished 7th, 1 point out of 6th place.  Mariah Brown and Myla Atwin (two grade 4's) also had a high score of 49 points.  Practice paid off today in a big way.

Congratulations to the CHSMES 2Ball team for representing CHSMES in outstanding fashion.  You made us very proud!


Mr. Seymour

Matthew and Andrew from grade 2 playing around the world!

CHSMES Ball Hockey League

When: Monday Nights @ CHSMES 5:15pm-6:45pm

Sign Up first night February 20, 2017

All students grades 4-8 welcome!

Who:   Students grade 4-8

What you need:  Indoor Sneakers, Gym Clothing(t-shirt, shorts/sweat pants, etc.)


-Skill Development

-Playing Games

-Having fun!!!!

Please contact Mr. Seymour @ CHSMES for any questions!


Reminder for all students of CHSMES that the BOKS program is still running every Tuesday and Thursday mornings here at CHSMES.

It is a great way to start your day!  


Mr. Seymour

Grades 4 and 5 participated in the CHSMES NBA2Ball competition this Friday afternoon at CHSMES.  It was the highest scoring NBA2Ball Competition at CHSMES ever!

We a record setting day with a high score of 90 points by Marshall Brooks and Layla Finnie!

 Dawson Sacobie and Luke Wilson-Paul also of Grade 5 had a great score of 69, and Mariah and Myla from Grade 4 had a high score of 60!  There were also many other pairs with very impressive scores and awesome teamwork!

Way to go CHSMES student-athletes!  A special thank you to Momma K, Ms. Boyer, Mr. Fisher, and Ayla and Jordie(Grade 5 students) for keeping score!  



BOKS kids is back in action at CHSMES!  Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:35 in the CHSMES gymnasium students, staff, and parents are welcome to come and get active before school/work day starts!  What a great way to get energized for the rest of the day!  See you there!



This morning the last session of BOKS was held at CHSMES before the holidays start.  Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at CHSMES we have had a great turnout of students coming early(7:35) to join the fun!  A special thanks to Brittney Pye for running the sessions here at school.  

We will be starting BOKS back up after the holidays!  Stay tuned for the exact date!


Mr. Seymour

The Stu Tommies Men's and Women's basketball team visited CHSMES Monday morning for an hour of skills and drills.  Grades 3,4,5 were really excited to learn from these student athletes, and we hope to have them back for another session in the New Year!  

Woliwon Stu!


These fantastic students mastered their shoe tying skills!  Way to go!



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