Mr. Seymour

These fantastic students mastered their shoe tying skills!  Way to go!



Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at CHSMES students are able to come to the gym and participate in BOKS (Building on kids success) program.  The program is based on getting kids active before their school day starts.  ACTIVE KIDS=ACTIVE MINDS.  We have just completed our second week here at CHSMES with over 20 students participating.  We have even had some parents join in on the fun, and we encourage you to join your son/daughter!   The program starts at 7:35 am and runs until 8:05.  We hope to run this program the length of the school year.  

Note: Breakfast/snack provided after for students whom are participating.


Mr. Seymour

For additional information please contact Mr. Brooks or Mr. Seymour at the school or visit .


Our "How to tie your shoes" club kicked off today with 25 students from all grade levels in the school.  This video gives three great techniques to tying your shoes! Give it a try! 



We had our first Basketball Night at CHSMES last night with a great turnout.  Grade 3-8 students played NBA2Ball for our first night of Bball with even a few parents joing the action!  There will be no BBall next week due to Halloween but there will be another session the following Monday, November 7th.

More details to follow!


Mr. Seymour, Mr. Fisher, and Ms. Muise


The Fitbuck winner of September is Ms. Webber's grade 3 class!  They earned the most Fitbucks for the month of September with a total of 6 fitbucks.  Each Phys. Ed. class can earn a maximum of 1 Fitbuck for each Phys. Ed. class.  

Congratulations and enjoy your reward of 1 Phys. Ed. class of your choice!!!  


The 2016 Cross Country Season wrapped up yesterday at the District Championships held at Nashwaaksis Middle School.  There was 876 students participating in six races for Grades 3,4,5.   Our students represented CHSMES well throughout the entire 4 race season with a record amount of top ten and top 20 finishes.

We are so proud of all our student athletes hard work and dedication.  


Welcome back to school CHSMES student-athletes!  I hope you had a great summer with your family and friends.  I am really excited for what the upcoming school year has to offer!  

Our first extra curricular club will start next week with a sign up for the CHSMES Cross Country team.  I am hoping that we can build on last seasons results at district events.  I also have a special surprise for our CHSMES sports teams this year!  :)  

See you on Tuesday!


Mr. Seymour


The 2016 Wulastukw Challenge has been completed by all classrooms.  The Wulastukw Challenge is a school wide pedometer challenge where students challenge each other in a race across New Brunswick.  Students can run, jog, or walk for 5 minutes at the start of gym class for the month of April and May.  Each students score in entered into the website ( .  The class who reaches the final destination (Fredericton to Saint john) is the Wulastukw Champion.   The 2016 Wulastukw class champion is the Grade 4 class!  Way to go!

There is also a teamwork award which honours a class(s) who show great teamwork and do their best daily.  The Grade 3 and 5 both received this award.

All students worked hard and improved their scores on a daily basis.  Way to go everyone!


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Grades 3,4,5 playing tic-tac-toe in their multi aged gym class!  Really fun game which challenges students to think and strategize while on the move! It is also a lot of fun!  Wolamsotas!


The Wulastukw Challenge 2016 is underway!  Grade 5 has an early lead with all the classes right behind!  Who will be this years winner?  

The Wulastukw Challenge is a school-wide pedometer challenge where each child wears a pedometer for a five minute run at the start of every gym class. The scores are collected and entered into on a virtual map that follows the Saint John River from Fredericton to Saint John.  The total distance is 144,000 steps.  The first class to reach Saint John is the winner!  



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