Mr. Seymour

Congratulations CHSMES students, staff, and community memebers, we raised $343.00 this year for the Terry Fox Foundation.  The money raised will go to a very worthy cause helping people of all ages battle cancer.  Way to go!  Wolamsotas!

The September Fitbuck champion is Ms. Fullarton's grade 2 class!  It was a very close race but the grade 2 class pulled it off earning 18 fitbucks!

Fitbucks are awarded when the entire class tries to do their best and follows all rules during their PE class. A class can earn only 1 Fitbuck per PE class. Once 6 Fitbucks are earned, the class can redeem them for a gym class activity of their choice.  The activity is voted on and the majority rules.  Once a Fitbuck is earned it cannot be taken away.     At the end of each month the class that has earned the most Fitbucks in PE class for that given month, will earn an entire PE class of their choosing!

What a fantastic day for the CHSMES Cross Country team.  For the first time in CHSMES history, we had four student-athletes place within the top ten! We were inches away from having 3 top ten finishers in the grade 3 boys race.  Way to go team! Leading the way for CHSMES were as follows:

Grade 3 Girls:Neveah Bear (7th) Aubree Paul(16th)

Grade 3 boys:  Isaac Underhill (4th), Jordan Berube (9th), Marshall Brooks(11th-inches from 10th!)

Grade 4 Girls:Brooklyn Paul (15th)

Grade 5 Boys: Braeden Carty (10th)

Other CHSMES athletes that put in strong performances were:  Gracie Montefrisco, Luke WIlson-Paul, Dawson Sacobie, Liberty Francis, Helen Brooks,Storm Barlow, Avery Paul,Aaliyah Brooks

All of our students have shown tremendous growth and we are very proud of each and every student for doing their best and not giving up! Wolamsotas!

CHSMES Cross Country had a great day at Henry Park during the second race of the Cross Country season.  All students worked hard and did their very best representing CHSMES.  The top runner this week was Isaac Brooks finishing 4th place in the grade 3 boys category. Marshall Brooks and Neveah Bear were also top 10 finishers!  Way to go!  Wolamsotas!

Congratulations to the CHSMES Cross Country team on their first succesful race of the 2014 cross country season!  All CHSMES athletes had a strong showing at McAdam Avenue school on Wednesday.  The top CHSMES finisher was Marshall Brooks.  He finished 5th place in the grade 3 boys category!  Way to go !

Next race is Wednesday September 24th at Henry Park.  Wolamsotas!

Welcome back students!  I hope that everyone had a great summer and are looking forward to the new school year!  I 've been very excited to get going again as a lot of exciting things are happening at CHSMES this fall.  

Our cross country season will start Thursday September 4th at morning recess with our first practice.  I hope that every student in grades 3,4,5 will come and give it  try.  It is a very fun and rewarding experience racing against other students and yourself!  

We will also be having our first CHSMES flag football league.  This will give every student a chance to try out a very fun, team orientated sport.  Details will follow!

Welcome back students, it is going to be another great year here at CHSMES!

Mr. Seymour

Another Year is school year is under way!  That means many students have new shoes! As students get older their shoes start to have laces.  Unfortunately, some students have difficulty tying their laces.  This is a great video for all those students out there who need practice tying their own shoes.  There are three different ways to show how to do it.  Give it a try! Practice!  Try again until you master it!  Wolamsotas!

Fit kids club started today. Each student was given a waterbottle and fitness journal/exercise log. We went for a run, had a healthy snack and finished with a little journal entry.  It was a lot of fun.  

Way to go boys!  Wolamsotas!

The results are in.... 

Grade 2 is the 2014 Champion.  They held off the rest of the school in the last few days of the race to claim the 2014 title!  Grade 5 battled hard and finished a close second and for doing so, the have been awarded the prestigious Wulastukw Challenge teamwork award.

All classes worked extremely hard and I am very proud of each and every student!

Way to go! wolamsotas!

After almost a month of the Wulastukw Challenge, Grade 2 still holds the lead.  Grade 5, is trying to make a final push to catch Grade 2 and win the title for the first time.  Can grade 2 hold on?

We will have to wait and find out............  




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