Mr. Seymour

Look at grade 2 working hard!!  Way to go!  Wolamsotas!

Caden having fun!

The fit buck winners from October (grade 2) chose to spend their free P.E. Class playing ball hockey with two of Frederictons finest!  The kids had a great time and look forward to this month to see if they can do it again !   Way to go!  Wolamsotas!

The Class that won the October Fitbuck challenge is.....Grade 2!  Way to go!  This month was very close with 2 other classes 1 fitbuck behind!  Keep up the fantastic work!  Wolamsotas!

Fitbucks are awarded when the entire class tries to do their best and follows all rules during their PE class. A class can earn only 1 Fitbuck per PE class. Once 6 Fitbucks are earned, the class can redeem them for a gym class activity of their choice.  The activity is voted on and the majority rules.  Once a Fitbuck is earned it cannot be taken away.     At the end of each month the class that has earned the most Fitbucks in PE class for that given month, will earn an entire PE class of their choosing.  Again, majority rules!

Previous Winners:   

September- Grade K5 and Grade 1

Our student athletes went to the final race of the 2013 Cross Country season!  It was held at Nashwaaksis Middle School.  They competed hard and represented CHSMES with pride!  It has been another great year of hard work and dedication!  Way to go! Cannot wait until next year to see some of our 2014 team will bring us! Wolamsotas! 

Grades 3,4,5 were lucky to have 4 soccer stars from STU come in this morning and show us some skills.  These student athletes ran a clinic for our future stars !  They will be coming back in two weeks time to teach us more skills! 

Another Year is school year is under way!  That means many students have new shoes! As students get older their shoes start to have laces.  Unfortunately, some students have difficulty tying their laces.  This is a great video for all those students out there who need practice tying their own shoes.  There are three different ways to show how to do it.  Give it a try! Practice!  Try again until you master it!  Wolamsotas!


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