Mr. Seymour

Grades 3,4,5 were lucky to have 4 soccer stars from STU come in this morning and show us some skills.  These student athletes ran a clinic for our future stars !  They will be coming back in two weeks time to teach us more skills! 

Another Year is school year is under way!  That means many students have new shoes! As students get older their shoes start to have laces.  Unfortunately, some students have difficulty tying their laces.  This is a great video for all those students out there who need practice tying their own shoes.  There are three different ways to show how to do it.  Give it a try! Practice!  Try again until you master it!  Wolamsotas!

Colin in grade 2  showing us how to watch our body as we move through obstacles!  What a great job !  Wolamsotas!

Aubree showing grade 2 how it's done!  Way to go!

Casey in grade 1 working on body awareness, fitness and having fun!  Look at her go!

Welcome back CHSMES students!  Summer has came and went and it is time for another school year to begin!  September is a busy month and there are many things to look forward to during the first month back at school.  The CHSMES Cross Country season will begin this week as well as the CHSMES Flag football team.  Cross Country is open to students in grades 3,4 and 5.  Our Flag football team will consist of students from grades 1 and 2.  Information will be posted for both teams as soon as possible.  I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for school.  


Mr. Seymour

Over the next six weeks at CHSMES students have the opportunity to choose a special interest group that they would like to participate in!  Five CHSMES students (Kyler Paul, Kaleb Johnson,Cyrus Bear,Kendin Aker,Payton Paul) have chosen the sport of Golf!  Mr. Seymour and Mr. Brooks will be accompanying the 5 students to Carman Creek Golf Course where students will learn the fundamentals of the game.  Students and staff will learn from one of the very best; Ryan Kingston whom is the golf pro at Carman Creek!

Both teachers and students are very excited for this opportunity!  Good Luck!

With only 25,000 steps left, the defending champions of the Wulastukw Challenge (Grade 3) are in the lead!  The Wulastukw Challenge Teamwork award winners from last year (Grade 1) are only 1,200 steps behind in second place!  Keep up the good work!  Wolamsotas!


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