Mr. Seymour

After 5 days of the competition the Kindergarten class is in the top spot!  There hard work and dedication is paying off as no other class seems to be able to catch up.  Last years champions(Grade 3) are on their heels as they try to narrow the gap between first and second place.  All classes have been working hard and encouraging each other.  Keep up the good work everyone!  Wolamsotas!

After two days of the competition the Kindergarten Class, (Ms. Sheehan) has a 1,101 step lead over the rest of the school.  Keep up the good work K5!!!!  Only 124,900 steps to go!  Wolamsotas

The year is flying by and it is now time for the annual CHSMES Wulastukw Challenge to start!  Students will be walking, jogging, or running everyday for 5 minutes at the start of their Physical Education Classes.  Students will each be wearing pedometers to track their distances.  Using, each class will virtually race the other classes in the school daily.  The race distance is 142,875 steps from Fredericton to St. John along the St. John River.  Classes will tally up their steps everyday and the first class to reach the end is the Champion!  The Grade 2 class last year was the Champion and now that they are in Grade 3 they are looking to repeat.  The Kindergarten class last year won the Wulastukw Teamwork award last year and I know they are looking to keep their name up on the wall this year!  Good luck to all participants!  Wolamsotas!

Congratulations to all CHSMES NBA2Ballers who participated at GNMES on Wednesday, February 6th.  A special note to teammates Nathan Brown and Kaleb Johnson whom finished 4th place overall with 61 points!  Also finishing 5th place with 59 points were Mimges Francis and Selena Brooks!  Congratulations to everyone on a job well done! Wolamsotas!

CHSMES NBA2Ballers participating in NBA2Ball event at GNMES on February 6th, 2013. 

Teams:  Nathan Brown/Kaleb Johnson, Kyler Paul/Gavin Paul, Selena Brooks/Mimiges Francis, Cyrus Bear/Braeden Carty.


Reminder for all NBA2Ballers that we will be heading to GNMES tomorrow afternoon to participate in their NBA2Ball event!   Our team has been practicing hard and I know that all of our team members are excited!  Remember to bring your lunch and wear athletic clothing!  The event runs from 1:30 - 2:30 at GNMES and we should be back around 2:45pm.


Another Year is school year is under way!  That means many students have new shoes! As students get older their shoes start to have laces.  Unfortunately, some students have difficulty tying their laces.  This is a great video for all those students out there who need practice tying their own shoes.  There are three different ways to show how to do it.  Give it a try! Practice!  Try again until you master it!  Wolamsotas!

Welcome Back Students!

I hope all students and families enjoyed the Christmas Holidays!  Just a quick reminder that all students need indoor shoes for Physical Education class. The CHSMES Basketball league will be starting Tuesday, January 15th at lunch recess!  Hope to see all students in Grades 3,4,5 participating!


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