Mr. Seymour

The 3rd place final for the CHSMES basketball league will be tomorrow March 30th at 12:20 in the CHSMES gym.

The Championship game will be Friday March 31st at 1:00pm.  Come check out some great hoops action!


Mr. Seymour

Matthew and Andrew from grade 2 playing around the world!

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Grades 3,4,5 playing tic-tac-toe in their multi aged gym class!  Really fun game which challenges students to think and strategize while on the move! It is also a lot of fun!  Wolamsotas!

Look at grade 2 working hard!!  Way to go!  Wolamsotas!

Caden having fun!

Colin in grade 2  showing us how to watch our body as we move through obstacles!  What a great job !  Wolamsotas!

Aubree showing grade 2 how it's done!  Way to go!


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