Mr. Brooks

Day 5 of winter carnival consisted of a ball hockey game between CHSMES and Wulustukw Elementary (Kingsclear FN).  It was a great game and both teams played extremely well.  CHSMES won 8-2 behind a solid effort of Braeden Carty who scored 3 goals.  Kendin Acker had 2 goals. Great Job Cihpolokanok.   

What a great day it was here at CHSMES, in the morning we had a great time at the Willie O'Ree skating rink.  All of our students were present, including K4, and what an improvement in their skating skills since we started in the fall.

This afternoon allowed students to let loose and dance away.  With the assistance of the Just Dance Jumbo Screen ALL of our students were busing a move... CHSMES ROCKS!!!

Dont forget CHSMES plays Kingsclear in Ball Hockey Tomorrow at 10.


Day 2 of WInter Carninval week is Crazy hat Day!!!

In partnership with UNB's Master of Counselling Program in educaiton, CHSMES would like to introduce you to Mr. Dax MacLean and John Mihaljevich.  Both UNB students are completing their practicum to fulfill the requirements to become a counselor.  Presently both are working with individual students, classroom activities as well as school wide initiatives.

Both have build a great rapport with students and staff. 

Welcome Gentlemen

Every Tuesday mornings Officer Hatt and Officer Phillips attend classes with students here at CHSMES.  A partnership between CHSMES and the Fredericton City police was created to allow students the opportunity to ask questions of job qualifications and educational attainment. Both officers serve as role models for all of our students. 

CHSMES students have created a great relationship with both community police officers.  Officer Hatt was quick to say "CHSMES is such a great learning environment" while Officer Phillips indicated he wished he could have attend such a great school.




Today if you drove passed CHSMES you would have noticed an ambulance in the driveway. Not to be alarmed, no one was hurt or injured during winter carnival week.  The fourth year Nursing students were introducing our K4 students to the procedures of an emergency call. 

Over the past 5 weeks CHSMES in partnership with UNB Nursing department, has had the fortunate pleasure of a group of 4th year Nursing students  particpating in the school live of CHSMES.  The UNB students have been an extra set of hands with K4 Skating on Fridays.  The UNB students have also been in the classrooms on Mondays introducing k4 students to what to expect at a hospital visit.  

Check out Ms. Beanie's page for great photos of the UNB Nursing students in action! 


Each month CHSMES recognizes 2 students from each class that are following the student code of conduct as well as demonstrate the Soaring like an Eagle Characteristics.  This monthly initiative is a great way to recognize students that consistently work hard and demonstrate what it is to be a student of CHSMES.

Today we recognized students for the month of April.

Keep up the great work Cihpolakons!


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