Mr. Brooks

Every Friday at lunch recess we work on Racquet sports in the gym.  Last week we played Ping Pong.  What a great game to work on hand eye coordination.  They say it's even good for the brain... interesting

Community members always welcome to attend

Winter Carnival week... 3rd Olympic Games 

Monday - Friday... Everyone Welcome.

It's with great excitement that I introduce Isabella as Mr. B's Student Principal Profile.  Izzy's excitement for school, and life, is very apparent when you see her beautiful glowing smile everyday.  Izzy is in Mrs. Mills grade 3 class.  She has an older brother, Justice Grade 5, an older sister Sarah, DMS that has also attended CHSMES as well as a goldfish named Finn and 4 Guinea pigs. Her favourite color is purple, she really loves grapes and her favourte subject is Gym.  SHe wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  CHSMES will always have a spot for you Isabella Nash!

Wolamsotas and I know you will be an amazing teacher! 

This week CHSMES celebrated teacher appreciation week.  Not only did we celebrate teachers, but we celebrated everyone that has a part in contributing to the success of our students.  

Special thanks to Ms. Judy for arranging all of the great treats for this week.  

This place would not be as awesome as it is without YOU!


This week's Principal Profile is Baby Harry.  Harry is in grade 1 and has two sisters, Justine and Maddy, that also attend CHSMES.  Harry is one of our Autistic students, he is non-verbal but with all the hard work that is changing.  He has been with CHSMES since K4.  This year he really has been taking to music.  He's been singing as well as playing his guitar.

His success is due to the committment his family has made to ensure that Harry is at school and ready to go.  He is striving for perfect attendance (presently 0 days absent), with the attendance committment and daily routine as part of the program, Harry's improvement is AWESOME!

Mom has noticed a huge change in him this year, and she loves the relationship between him and his worker Laurie.  Laurie is quick to note that "he is having a blast at school, the routine and structure keeps him learning new things everyday while enjoying his peers and having lots of fun"

Not only is Harry benefiting from his classmates, but his classmates have been benefitting from him... Keep up the great work. CHSMES Loves you!

Wolamsotas Harry... We all believe in YOU!  

CHSMES had a great opportunity to enhance their science knowledge.  We spent the morning at Science East, located at the old provincial jail located on Brunseick street next to the market.  Students had a great time and learned lots...


This weeks Student Principal Profile is Ms. Alexis Nash-Paul (know as Lexi to most).  Lexi is a grade 4 student that is actively involved with school activities.  She plays basketball, runs cross country and participates in all exrtra-curricular activities.  She is very dedicated to the culture of CHSMES and all the fun things that happen here.  Lexi's favourite color is Blue, her favourite subject is Math and she really enjoys Art.  She has a new baby sister named Alara and when she grows up she wants to be a doctor! When asked what her favourite mom cooked meal was ... she said her mom doesnt cook! lol She says the coolest thing about CHSMES is Mr. Brooks... aww thanks Lexi!(insert blushing emoji)

The power of Wolamsotas is strong with Lexi... Always believe in yourself Lexi, I cant wait for you to be my doctor!  

Mr. Brooks  


CHSMES has partnered with CyberLaunch Academy to provide the basics of computer science.  The 5 week session starts witht the grade 3's and will focus on: Computer Organization... taking apart computers and understanding their functions; 2) Circuitry and visual programming language; 3) Game Design 4) Intro to Robotics and 5) Intro to Virtual Reality.... what a great opportunity for all of our students... 


This weeks student Principal profile is Keagan Paul.  Keagan is a senior at CHSMES who is actively involved in sports outside of school.  He plays football, basketball, Rugby and softball.  He enjoys spending his days outside on his motorbike.  His favourite color is green and his favourite part of the school day is dismissal.  A couple of his favourite movies are: Jumanji adn Daddy's home 2...

Keep up the great work Keag...


Every Friday, CHSMES serves delicious  panackes to all students.  Here is a pic of a few of our volunteers.  

Volunteers always welcome

Mr. B


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