Mr. Brooks

This week a few grade 5's pariticipated in the Future Forecasters with CTV news... here is Tanner's 20 sec clip...

Great job Tanner... Wolamsotas

This week a few grade 5's pariticipated in the Future Forecasters with CTV news... here is Ocean's 20 sec clip...

Great job Ocean... Wolamsotas

This week a few grade 5's pariticipated in the Future Forecasters with CTV news... here is Aubrie's 20 sec clip...

Great job Aubrie... Wolamsotas

This weeks student principal profile belongs to Ms. Audrina Brooks. Audrina is presently in Ms. Muise's grade 1 class and she is 6 years old.  Her favourite thing to do at school is PE and she is anxiously waiting to join Cross Country and represent CHSMES at the district Cross Country meets.  She really enjoys Jam sandwiches and her favourite movie is home alone. Her favourite color is red and she thinks CHSMES is the best school.  When Audrina gets older she wants to be a police officer.  Keep up the great work Audrina, CHSMES loves you


The past 6 weeks, CHSMES was fortunate to have 3 year UNB students apart of our school community.  You probably have seen them througthout the community as well.  Good luck to all of you and remember... WOLAMSOTAS 

CHSMES Staff and Students

This week student profile is Ms. Olivia Perley-Brooks.  Olivia is in Mrs. Francis's grade 2 class and she is 7 years old.  She has a younger sister Xaya and a younger brother Zayne.  She enjoys having fun during Nifty-Fifty days here at CHSMES and enjoys skating, she just started getting better today during skating time.  During her free time, she enjoys watching Zootopia and also enjoys Ballet. 

Wolamsotas Olivia... CHSMES loves you!

This weeks student profile of the week is Aubrie Brooks,  Aubrie is a grade 5 student in Ms. Boyers class.  She enjoys the show Andy Mac and her favourite color is blue and really enjoys Pizza. When she gets older she would like to be a Teacher or a Forensic Detective.  She presetly has a younger brother and sister that also attend CHSMES.  One of her favourtie quotes is from Gord Downey " Music brings people together".

Wolamsotas Aubrie... we look forward to watching you accomplish great things.

Mr. B!

This weeks Student Principal Profile is Mr. T.J. Craig!

T.J is in Mrs. Mills Grade 3 class.  His older sister was a student here at CHSMES as well.  His favourite subject is science and his favourite food is his moms Kraft Diner.  If you know TJ you will appreciate his love for Wrestling.  He wants to be a wrestler when he grows up and his wrestling name will be "The Escilator", his finishing move is unnamed at the moment but will be a good one. 

I look forward to watching you wrestle when you are of age TJ Craig! If you see TJ around the community make sure you talk to him and ask about wrestling cause he can fill you in on anything going on in the wrestling world.

Wolamsotas TJ!

CHSMES hosted its first volunteer parent meeting last night.  We will be meeting once a month to discuss various ways of getting parents involved at CHSMES.  If you are interested in volunteering at CHSMES feel free to contact us at anytime.

Woliwon naka Wolamsotas!

Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 got to hear a fire safety presentation from Fire Prevention officer Jeff Mack.  Students will be coming home and asking families about your smoke detector as well as a family evacuation plan and meeting points.  Please have this important discussion with your child.



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