Mr. Brooks

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hosting distinquished guests: Chief Paul, Federal Minster of Finance Bill Morneau, Matt DeCourcey, Provincial Minisiter of Justice Stephen Horseman and Alan Polchies Jr.  It had an opportunity to visit our Early Years program, do the Macarena with our Grade 1 PE class and  answer some questions from Grade 4&5

Great Job CHSMES.


Congratulations to Liberty Francis as she was named the CHSMES BBall League Most Valuable Player.  Liberty lead her team to a 1 basket win in the championship game. 

Congratulations Liberty and Wolamsotas!

It was a great friday afternoon as we had an opportunity to have a presentation from the Heart & Stroke foundation as well as acknowlege students in front of parents and staff.

it was a great skipping challenge as well.  The staff along with Shelly Polches (Rec Dir) had a great skip-off.


Today, CHSMES welcomes our newest students.  It was so amazing to see these young ones walking  the halls with their siblings.... 

They will be here every Friday afternoon.


Last Day of Winter Carnival week, we ended with Recognition Award day as well as a special aprreciation presentation to our custodial staff... Thanks for all you do!


Day 2 of CHSMES Winter Carnival... Pajama Day...

Great to see everyone supporting the day! 

CHSMES girls choir will be participating at this years Music Festival.... Here's a sneak peek of their song.... Enjoy


Mr. Seymour giving the students their first lesson... 

CHSMES Basketball teams...

Today was the first game of the regular season and what a great start it was!!!! 

CHSMES is very Excited and Happy to see our very own girls in Grade 4 taking a leadership role within our school.  Aubree, Gracie, Jordan & Layla have put in the work to create an art club that they have designed, packeaged and now deliver to grade k-2 students.  They have created the "Smart Art Club".  They have invited younger students to take part in expressing their artistic talents.  Today was the first day of the club and it is scheduled to run for 8 weeks.  Awesome Jobs Girls!  This is what "Wolamsotas" is all about! 

Woliwon and Wolamsotas


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