Mr. Brooks

CHSMES skating happens every Friday at Willie O'Ree RInk

9:30 - 10:30 - Grade 5, K&Grade 1's.

10:30 - 11:30 - Grade 2,3 & 4's

We will be walking over to the rink so please make sure children are dressed appropriately.  Parents are also welcome to attend.  See you there!

CHSMES students proudly performed at our communities Remembrance Day. We had the girls hand drum group perform as well as had students do the In Flanders field in Maliseet.  Great job CHSMES

CHSMES had a visit from First Nation Author Joseph Bruchac, he has written many FN stories and novels and the students were very entertained by his storytelling.  He was able to give us great strategies for writing ideas. It was a great visit and it was very entertaining for all age groups.


What a great day it was here at CHSMES.  Halloween Parade, vieeo dance party and recognition award day!  and Mr. Seymour gets Pie'd



It was a great day to be showing our support for the annual Terry Fox Walk.    We raised $312, congratulation to Simon Brooks, Keagan Paul and Sandra Polches.  THere names were drawn and they are the lucky ones who get to "Pie" Mr. Seymour at our next recognition award day Oct. 30th.

Woliwon & Wolamsotas!

Mr. Brooks


CHSMES is proud to announce our partnership for the 2015-6 school year.  Will Pacey will be at CHSMES every Monday for the school year.  We will be working on Literacy goals, self-esteem and building student confidence throughout the school year.

Calithumpians will also be a big part of the Christmas concert as well as the year end production for CHSMES.  What a great partnership and experience for our students. 

Wolamsotas and Woliwon!

Mr. Brooks

CHSMES Community,

Just wanted to let you all know that we have partnered up with a couple of businesses (Caribbean Flavas & Pita Pit) to help provide hot lunch programs for our students.  We will be providing a Hot Lunch option twice a week.  Please do not feel obligated to order, we just feel giving the option allows for students (and Parents) to have a varied lunch experience.  

Dates are identified for what meal will be provided from who and the due dates for each lunch provider.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the school.


CHSMES Cross Country team got off to a great start last week.  Congratulations to all of our new Grade 3 students!!!  Welcome to the team.

We will be competing every Wednesday afternoon at different locatios throughout the Northside. 

Wolamsotas Cihpolokans!!!


This year CHSMES has the squirt football program back in action.  We play all of our games on Saturdays & Mondays.  Our team practices during noon hour recess on Monday and Fridays.  

We look forward to seeing you out supporting our football team.  

On Tuesday June 16, we had our annual Grad diner for our Grade 5 students.  What a great group of students.  We wish you all the greatest success in your educational journey!

Remember you are Cihplokan for life!  Fly high!

It was an honor being the starting point of you educational career!



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