Mr. Brooks

On Tuesday June 16, we had our annual Grad diner for our Grade 5 students.  What a great group of students.  We wish you all the greatest success in your educational journey!

Remember you are Cihplokan for life!  Fly high!

It was an honor being the starting point of you educational career!


A great day at Greenhill Lake

CHSMES send our all female team to the UNB Currie center to participate in the Catch Catch Hit event.  It is an early version of Volleyball and teaches the students skills to prepare them for volleyball.  CHSMES did extremely well and we are extremely pround of all of them. 

the Atlantic First Nations Help Desk puts on regular contests for great prizes.  The last contest was for Valentines Day.  We had a number of students from CHSMES that participated in the contest.

Congratulations to Aubree and Kayla, two grade three students that won the iPad's.


For the next 6 weeks K4 will be skating on Wednesdays, and they will be recieving skating instructions from our own (former STU hockey player and coach of the Fredericton Midget AAA Canadians) Mr. Seymour.  We will be at the LBR Jan 21, 28 & Feb 4; then we will be at the Willie O'Ree for Feb 11, 18 & 25.  Please feel free to join us. 

This weekend is the divisional playoffs and we here at CHSMES feel the love for the Patriots.  So today we caught Mr. Aderley Paul-Price joining the Patriot Nation!!!

Awesome Aderley!

Ms. Cassie will be filling in for Ms. Judy, while Ms. Judy is finishing up her Bachelor of Education degree (Congrats Ms. Judy).  So if you hear an unfamiliar voice at CHSMES you can be assured it is Cassie.  Welcome Cassie and enjoy your stay with us. 

CHSMES participates in the 24 hour tennis marathon in support of raising awareness for the "Right to Play" that helps children pay for sporting activities.

Great Job CHSMES!

It is with great pride that I inform you that ALL of our students were represented at Parent Teacher Interviews!!!  This is a historic event for CHSMES, this is the first time EVER this has happened here.

I want to thank all of the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and guardians that made time in their busy days to visit your child's teacher.   One of the reasons CHSMES is doing well is because of YOU, the parents/guardians, and the committment each of you put towards your childs education.  I want to thank you and say I am proud of our entire school community... Woliwon.

Since we had 100% participation, the entire school will be having a pizza party today...

Great Job St. Mary's!!!!
Again I want to thank you on behalf of all the students of CHSMES.


Mr. Brooks

CHSMES is exicted to have Jonathan Dutcher join us for the Christmas concert production.  Jonathan's background in music is a great addition to our concert agenda.

Welcome Jonathan. 


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