Mr. Brooks

50/50 will resume this week.  Our last 50/50 fundraiser initiative raised approx $900.  We will be using these funds to bring in Little Rays Reptile Show... stay tuned for details...

Thanks for your support and good luck!

Mr. Brooks

CHSMES has been awarded the Constable Craig Bailey Memorial Award for our contribution to Crime Prevention Initiatives in Fredericton.  CHSMES has been partnering with the City Fredericton Police on intitiaves that create a positive relationship with our students and staff.

We presently have two community officers that spend Thursday mornings with students in class.  We participate with the Kids and Cops intiative in the summer and just this last christmas we participated in the Cops and Kids initiative.

Special thanks to Officer Duncan Lombard towards his dedication and committment to include CHSMES on all of the activities



Mr. Brooks

Each and every Wednesday our K4 class is outside of the school developing skills... for the next 7 weeks our class will be skating at Willie O'Ree center from 9:30 - 10:30.  We have a group of 35 students and are asking for community volunteers to help assist with skates tied, assisting on ice (with or without skates) as well as removing skates.

If you would be availbale during this time, please contact me via email, facebook or 462-9683.  Skating starts this Wednesday.

Remember it takes a community to raise a child.


Mr. Brooks 

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Here, as in any other school, we deal with headlice.  Our policy states that we send students home for two days, during these two days we expect that they get treated and the house (beds, blankets, clothes, toys) gets cleaned out and everything else washed.   

Throught the school year, we have had reoccuring cases of headlice.  For me personally, I have had a hard time sending students home for the two days for each offence.  This may lead to a student being absent many days due to lice.  The other issue i have a hard time with, is that it is not the students fault and in the end they are the ones that are suffering (stigmatized from the classmates, missing time, etc).

On the other hand, there are many parents who work very diligently to ensure that their childs heads are clean of lice.  I can appreciate the fact that parents want students in their child's class to also be clean of lice.  If a parent discovers lice in their child's hair and summize that is was contracted from school, then they are upset and feeling the school is the problem.  We here at CHSMES do not want to be a place were lice is spread, as we do our best to ensure that all areas are cleaned and disenfected on a daily basis.

So, I ask all of you for your feedback as the best way to deal with topic:

Do you think sending the child home for two days is adequate?  (what if they only have knits and no actaul bugs in their hair? Is that a different scenario all together?)

Is it possible to create a parent support group in the community that could help support the families get everything cleaned out. (this is tough as we wont disclose students names, so it would have to be a parent/guardian asking for help in a non-judgmental way)  Perhaps if there is a group that could give me their name(s) i will pass it on if we find students with lice.

One of the things I  hate is making the phone call to parents informing them their child has lice... Hate that part of the job!!!

Thanks and I look forward to reading responses:

Please remember to email me ( or inbox me privately on facebook (as i dont want it to be a open discussion but would rather get private feedback and summarize it and give the responses as one message... sometimes messages on facebook can be misinterpreted and I dont want that to happen).

Thank again

Mr. Brooks


Dear Parents/Guardians

On our ongoing process to improve CHSMES, we would love to hear some feedback from you, parents and community members, regarding issues that we have identified as possible discussion topics.   

What I am requesting from all of you is a personal response to myself via email or private message via Facebook, on your suggestions and possible solutions or just your general input to the issue/concern identified. 

Some of the topics identified are:

- Head Lice policy

- Attendance Policy

- Afterschool Program

- Emergency Contact Information

- Front Door locked procedure

- More to be added...

If there are any topics that you would like to add or would like to discuss please send me a message and I will be happy to address it.

Again, if you wouldn’t mind sending me a private message via email or facebook messenger and I will compile and put together points that people have identified so that everyone will have a sense of responses.


Thanks and I look forward to reading your feedback.


Mr. Brooks

The CHSMES Christmas concert is scheduled for Wednesday at 10 am sharp.  (Please ensure that you arrive early as all of our classes will be using the  main entrance to the gym to begin their performance)

In the event there is a snowstorm and school is cancelled, our concert will be postponed until the next day (Thursday Dec. 18) and will begin at 10 am sharp!

Also we will be selling iPad mini tickets prior to the concert beginning at 9:30 and ending at 9:50 (a table will be set up)

Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone at the concert.


Mr. B     

On Tuesday Dec 4, CHSMES celebrated fall with a feast prepared by the staff for parents and students... The meal was deliscious (Mr. Seymour's Chili was the fave).  We had a great turnout.  Right after the feast our staff prepared a great Literacy Night...We even had a special guest - Santa Himself - who read to all of the students while they enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate.  Thanks for all who attended and congratulations to the winners of Chapters gift card as well as coupons to St. Mary's Pharmacy (Thanks St. Mary's Pharmacy for the contribution).




Our ongoing effort to raise funds will continue with an iPad mini.  Tickets will go on sale starting Monday, we will send tickets home with students and you can also purchase them here at the school as well.  Special thanks to the Atlantic First Nations Help Desk for their contribution.

Tickets will be $2 for one or $5 for three.  Our goal for this fundraiser will be to raise $1000.  Please help us reach this goal by purchasing tickets.  

Tickets will be on sale until just before the concert, December 18. 

Thanks in advance and Good Luck.    

Congratulations to Payton Paul as she finished 1st place at Districts and will represent Fredericton at the Atlantics for the Lions Club Peace Poster Contest. 

Great job Payton


Past Winners:

2013 - Kayla Paul

2012 - Mimiges Francis

2011 - Cydney Adamen

Thank you all for coming out and supporting the CHSMES fundraiser.  We raised $790 and had a great evening of laughs.

Also big thank you to all community members, staff members, SMEC, Retail, Wally for buying all the kids ChSMES toques and all parents who support our awesome school.


Koselomal Sitansisk



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