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Great day @ CHSMES

I would like to recognize Preston "Presto" Paul for his dedicated hard work in Grade 1.  Keep up the great work Presto!

CHSMES welcomes Mr. Shane Dutcher Perley to the Boys Drum Group

It is with great pleasure that we welcome parent volunteer Shane, he will be working with our grade 3,4 & 5 Boys drum group.


Woliwon Shane and welcome to CHSMES...

Each month CHSMES recognizes students that have demonstrated dedicated work in different areas of their schooling.  It is a monthly initiative and we have a great opportunity to acknowledge those students.

Its a great initiative for students...


Each week I will be posting a pic of different students that have been working hard.  Of course all of our students work hard and we recognize on a daily basis. 

This week I would like to recognize Robert "Roberto" Wilson-Paul.

This year we have a great group of students who have signed up to participate with our Cross Country Team. 

Today they performed awesome and it showed with our great performances today




CHSMES will be having it's open house on Wedenesday September 17, 2014.  This is a great opportunity to meet your child's teacher, visit the classroom and see what is being taught; You will also have an opportunity to see what the classroom and grade expectations are for your child. THIS OPEN HOUSE IS FOR K4 PARENTS AS WELL, SO K4 PARENTS YOUR ATTENDANCE IS APPRECIATED

For every parent in attendance, your name will be entered into a draw to win a Wolostoq gift certificates.  Two gift certificates to be won.     

At the open house we will be able to share some preliminary drawings of the school expansion as well as the programming coming to CHSMES next school year. Our goal is to have ALL of our students represented at the open house.

Also on Wednesday September 17, we will be hosting our 3rd Scholastic Book fair.  We have set another ambitious goal of selling $3,000 worth of books.  If we sell $3,000 worth of books CHSMES will recieve $1,600 worth of books and classroom resources. 

The book fair will start at 8 am and will run til 8 pm (so parents will be able to attend after the Open house information meeting).  Each class will have the opportunity to visit the book fair during the school day. 

Woliwon and look forward to seeing all of you at the Open House...

PS.  Classes that have ALL their students represented at Open House, will recieve a pizza partry on Recognition Award day (October 3rd)



Parents, Guardians & Community,

Chief Harold Sappier Memorial Elementary School has and will continue to work with families with the issue of head Lice. 

Headlice do not carry a disease and do not have anything to do with cleanliness.  Tell your child not to share hats, helmets, coats or combs with other children, it would also be wise to have your child's hair pulled backed.  If you need more information, please contact the school, our local community health nurse and visit the website listed below.

In our ongoing efforts to ensure CHSMES is free of lice, we will be conducting head checks on Mondays. If live nits or bugs are discovered we will be calling the parents/guardians to come and pick up your child immediately.  They are required to stay home for two days to ensure thier heads are clean of bugs.

Upon return to school, students will be rechecked to ensure their heads are clean of lice. 

We know the prevention of lice can be very difficult, I would like to propose we create a parent team that would help each other out as needed (if you would like to volunteer your time to help if needed, please message me). Together, as a community, we can all contribute to having a lice free CHSMES.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


 Mr. Brooks






CHSMES school day instruction Starts at 8:15, therefore we are expecting the bus to arrive no later than 8:10.

1)Bus departs Katie's at 7:40, also the first pick-up

2) end of sacobie ct

3) end of gabe Acquin dr.

4) front of Alvis and Amber's house

5) front of Cheryl Beeks'

6) front of Shannon's

7) corner of Gabriel /Bear Lane

8) end of Brooks ct

9) end of Polches ct

10) front of Hoppies

11) take a left, Up Bear drive stop in front of Brucie's

12) front of Ms. Chrissy's

13) front of Eddie's

14 ) front of Edna's

15) back down maliseet stop in front of Wally's

16) Front of Hazels'

17) front of Helen's

18) Corner of Maliseet/Paul

19) 197 Paul st

20) Sappier st, then return to CHSMES for 8:08 am 

at this time we can tell you an exact time of when the bus will be around to your stop.  Please have your child ready at the bus stop.





As part of our Positive Learning Environment, All Students are invited to a pool party at my house Tuesday June 17 for a swim.  Please see the attached schedule of when each class will be attending.  parents are also welocme to attend as well.


thanks and see you tomorrow


Mr. B


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