Mr. Brooks

For the month of May, CHSMES will be having an All-Star challenge to all students.  In order for a student to become a CHSMES All-Star, they need to meet the following conditions:

- Perfect attendance for the month of May

- Arrive everyday on time (not later than 8:20)

- Completes all classwork and Homework

- Stays on 50 on the Nifty Fifty chart (or 5 if in grade K or 1)

- Demonstrates a Positive Attitude

When a student does become an All-Star, they will be recognized on our school website, our big screen at school as well they will be recieving "Ms. Judy Bucks" that they can redeem at the end of the month on selected items.


Mr. Brooks


On Wednesday, April 16 CHSMES will be hosting our 2nd annual Book fair.  Following the book fair we will be hosting our Literacy Night, we will have fun activities related to literacy (Our last literacy night (Christmas themed) was a blast for both students and parents).  We will be working hard and canvassing the community to help reach our target goal of $3,000.  This will allow us with approx. 50% of that back for resources into the school (that's $1,500 work of books for our school).  Last year we raised $3,200... hopefully with more students and parents we will be able to surpass last years totals.

The event will happen from 8 am til 12 (for students) and 12-6 for the community.  The book fair is open to all and we hope to see you all there.

More information will be sent out shortly.

Thanks for your support....   

Congratulations to team "Mokoseweyu" for "Claiming the Gold" in CHSMES's 2nd Winter Olympic Games. 

CHSMES will begin their Olympic games tomorrow, These Winter Carnival Olympic activities happen at CHSMES every 4 years.  Students at CHSMES have been following the Winter Olympics with great interest.  Next week they get to be athletes competing for their Clans. Our goal is to inspire a CHSMES students to "Wolamsotas" (Believe in themselves) and perhaps someday compete in the World Olympics...

Opening ceremonies will kick off at 9 am at the ball diamond...

Day 1 (Monday) Venue: CHSMES & Ball Diamond

Opening Ceremony- Ball diamond (Drumming/Smudge)

9-10:30- 1st event - Creation of Olympic Village

10:30 - 11:30 - 2nd event - (CHSMES) Creation of Olympic Banners

Day 2 (Tuesday)

9:00 Ball Diamond - Curling & Luge

CHSMES Gym - Cross Country & Hockey Skills

Day 3 (Wednesday) Venue Willie Oree & CHSMES GYM

9:00Willie Oree- Speed Skating 

CHSMES Gym -Slalom Racing & Hockey Shootout

Day 4 (Thursday)

Ball Diamond- Ski Jump & Snowball throw

CHSMES - Biathalon & Bobsled


Day 5 ( Friday)

Closing Ceremonies 

*Please feel free to join us anytime during the morning to support CHSMES athletes... Please make sure you grab your CHSMES Olmpic pass to enter the Olympic Venues.


Mr. Brooks



Little Rays Reptile Show was at CHSMES today and students had a fantastic time checking out all of the animals... The students and staff loved the show and got some great photos...

Back by popular demand, It's Pancake Friday!!!  A special thank you goes out to the ladies from Stantec, as well as Alan Polches Jr, for their time towards creating a positive learning environment.  The students truly enjoy this breakfast treat to start their day.


Mr. Brooks  


Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know that today we will be sending home the information sheet detailing our partnership with Voague Optical.  This initiative is open to all members of the community, not just CHSMES students.  Today is the first day so please feel free to contact them to schedule an appointment. 

I have attached a copy of the information sheet.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 


Mr. B

K4 Working on their Skating skills... they're improving each week.

Starting next week, February 3 and running until June 30 2014, CHSMES will partner with Vogue Optical to work towards ensuring all of our students get an eye exam to ensure their vision is adequatley cared for.

We would encourage all parents/guardians of CHSMES students to take advantage of this initiative as it benefits CHSMES's breakfast program.  For every exam performed $10 will be donated towards CHSMES's breakfast program, in the event a student needs a pair of glassses (and you order them from Vogue Optical) an additional $20 will be donated to our breakfast program. 

In total we could be recieving $30 per child if a pair of glasses is needed.  This is a great initiative as it is beneficial for not only CHSMES but the students that will benefit from vision impairments. 

We will be sending home a brochure at the end of this week and that is what you will take with you to your scheduled appointment.  You will need to schedule an appointment for an eye exam.

If you would like to find out more please give me a call at the school and I will be glad to discuss with you.


Mr. Brooks


CHSMES is pround to announce a partnership with Caribbean Flavas to provide a weekly healthy nutritious hot lunch.

The menu is:

Week 1- Friday Jan 24: Mama's Mac & Cheeswe with a slice of Garlic Bread.

Week 2 - Friday Jan 31: Grilled Cheese Sandwitch and a Chicky in a blanket (Checiken w/cheese & apple sauce wrapped & baked in phyllo pastry)

Week 3 - Friday Feb 7: Chicken Alfredo with a slice of Garlic Bread

Week 4 - Friday Feb 14: Chicken Noodle Soup with a Veggie Samosa

Week 5 - Friday Feb 21: Same as week 1

Week 6 Friday Feb 28: same as week 2

All meals cost $5 and come with a white or chocolate milk.

All order forms will be sent home on Mondays and MUST be returned by Wednesday.  Late orders WILL NOT be accepted. 

CHSMES and Caribbean Flavas has worked hard to ensure all meals are healthy and deliscious for all of our students

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here at the school...

Thanks Mr.B


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