Mr. Brooks

Recognition Award day is always a great way to kick of the long weekend.  Congratualtions to all of the students, The basketball finals were also played during the awards and what a great game.  Congrats to all the players.



CHSMES had a great opportunity to enhance their science knowledge.  We spent the morning at Science East, located at the old provincial jail located on Brunseick street next to the market.  Students had a great time and learned lots...


CHSMES has partnered with CyberLaunch Academy to provide the basics of computer science.  The 5 week session starts witht the grade 3's and will focus on: Computer Organization... taking apart computers and understanding their functions; 2) Circuitry and visual programming language; 3) Game Design 4) Intro to Robotics and 5) Intro to Virtual Reality.... what a great opportunity for all of our students... 


Every Friday, CHSMES serves delicious  panackes to all students.  Here is a pic of a few of our volunteers.  

Volunteers always welcome

Mr. B

CHSMES had our annual Terry Fox walk on Wednesday Sept. 29. This year our goal was to raise $500 for cancer research.

Thank you all that contributed!


CHSMES's first Nifty Fifty celebration was a great success.  The students had such a great time and took advantage of the Park!  What a great space to enjoy! Special shout out to the City of Fredericton for giving CHSMES access to the Splash Pad!


Today CHSMES held its first science fair in partnership with Stantec Engineering firm.  All students had the opportunity to learn about different types of sciences... Aquatics, Archeology, Infrastructure, Power and Health and safety.  What a great morning of learning.  We even got to touch shark !!!

Woliwon Stantec for sharing you passion of sciences with our future scientists!


Great Afternoon at CHSMES...We had mad science, the girls choir and crowned the winner of the CHSMES skipping rope challenge. 

Congrats to Neveah Bear, 2015-6 Skipping Champion!



All students had an opportunity to attend CHSMES's Poetry Cafe... they all got to experience the excitement of reading peorty in front of their peers.

Wolamsotas Wasisok!

CHSMES's contribution to the community and Earth day.  Cleaning up around the ball diamond!



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