Mr. Fisher

Pancake Breakfast, Friday Review, Fun Centers, Pizza and Art Class!  What a great day!

We're already having a great time this year in grade 4!  Keep smiling!  I believe in you!

We had a great time meeting Sadie the dog at school today.  Thanks to EVERYONE who donated items for the SPCA!  What a great animal-loving community!

We loved the presentation on "Sound" this week!

Hope you enjoy the Year of the Rooster!

Merry Christmas from Grade 4!

We've had a lot of fun this month.  Art, science, and even a little reading and writing!  I love this class!

We had a great time making fall scarecrows this afternoon.  Thanks for leading the class, Momma K!

We had a great first day!  Its's going to be really fun working with this amazing group of young scholars!

I am so very proud of our grade 4 class, the 2016 CHSMES Wolastokw Challenge winners!


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