Mrs. C Saunders

We had a wonderful time at the Riverview Apple Orchard. The kids enjoyed picking apples, playing in the sandbox, a tractor ride, and even a corn maze! The apples were delicious, especially in our apple crisp the next day!

Fall has arrived. To celebrate the 1st day of fall we learned about why the leaves change colours. We made a beautiful fall tree craft using our hand prints. 

I had so much fun getting to know the K5 class last week. Your children are so SMART and such good listeners! We read the classic story 'Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom' and they impressed me with how well they could spell their names. We made a craft for all of you to see at the Open House on Wednesday. We even finished off our week with the first FANTASTIC FIVE party! Great job K5, WOLAMSOTAS!

K5 had fun in the sun this afternoon while practicing their sight words with side walk chalk. This is an easy activity that could be done at home in the


HAPPY 100th DAY OF SCHOOL! Axton started us off with his styling 100th day t-shirt. We had fun measuring with 100 links, counting to 100, reading 100 words, and even drawing self portraits of what we think we will look like when we turn 100! Congratulations K5 you are all 100 DAYS SMARTER! 

Last week in Kindergarten we started a new unit, Measurement! We began the unit by learning how to measure height. We even had help from our friend Mr. Penguin! This week we will explore length:) 

We had a great kick off to Valentine's Day at CHSMES with a school wide NIfty Fifty day! I'm very proud to say that all students in K5 have been working hard and EVERYONE was on 5! Students enjoyed making cards, crafts, dancing, and even a little Valentine's themed Bingo! We finished of the day with treats and exchanged our Valentines! We also celebrated Miss Hailey Finnie birthday! KOSELMOL! 


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