Mrs. Francis

We had a great time at the library with Kindergarten and Grade One on Friday. We borrowed some books for our class library, had time to browse the stacks and enjoyed some story time.

We had the pleasure of listening to Maliseet legends and the girls drum group today. Woliwon Ms. Clark!

After reading "The Enormous Potato" by Aubrey Davis, we had some fun measuring the distance around our own potatoes. After estimating, measuring and comparing we discovered that Camryn had Grade 2's "Enormous Potato!"

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Please see attached times for Parent Teacher Interviews this week. Your child will have this sheet along with their homework on Monday. 

We have begun our Measurement unit this month in Math. Here's a glimpse into our first day measuring with non standard units.

Our writing form this month is reports! The students had a great time researching and learning about their chosen animal. Be sure to check out our finished projects next time you visit the school.

We had a fun filled day of heart themed Math (estimating, graphing, counting and tallying,) exchanging valentines and enjoying some tasty treats. 

We had lots of wonderful hands on learning experiences at Science East!

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We have been working with compound words this week. Today we had a "snowball fight" with words. Students were given words printed on sheets of white paper. They crumpled them into "snowballs" and we had a blast throwing them around the classroom. After a few minutes we stopped and joined words to make compound words (snow + flake = snowflake, etc.) Check out the words we made!


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