Mrs. Francis

We had a fun filled day of heart themed Math (estimating, graphing, counting and tallying,) exchanging valentines and enjoying some tasty treats. 

We had lots of wonderful hands on learning experiences at Science East!

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We have been working with compound words this week. Today we had a "snowball fight" with words. Students were given words printed on sheets of white paper. They crumpled them into "snowballs" and we had a blast throwing them around the classroom. After a few minutes we stopped and joined words to make compound words (snow + flake = snowflake, etc.) Check out the words we made!

We've been working on place value this month. Today the students made their first initials out of ten rods and unit cubes. Check them out!

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We've been participating in a daily brushing program! Today Chantal won an award for her enthusiastic participation. Great job keeping those sugar bugs away Chantal!

We had a blast on our first skating adventure!

In this short clip the students demonstrate the action for the "flip the sound" reading strategy. When they come across a difficult word they try both vowel sounds. Ask your child to show you at home!

Today we painted rocks in Art class. We plan on hiding them on the school grounds for others to find. If you come across one of our rocks it will say "CHSMES ROCKS" on it. You can keep the rock or hide it again. You may find ghosts, pumpkins, Frankenstein, candy corn or skeletons painted on them. Happy hunting and please feel free to paint and hide your own "CHSMES ROCK." Just think of all the wonderful ideas for writing we will have during this adventure! 


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