Mrs. Francis

Here is a fun video the kids love at school. Try it out at home to help remember the doubles facts!

We had an amazing field trip at Riverview Orchard in Keswick today. We got to pick and sample apples, see farm animals, play in the bouncy castle, sandbox, playground and get lost in a corn maze! We got busy writing recounts of our adventure this afternoon. Stay tuned to the bulletin boards at school to see our polished stories detailing the day.

We've been working on mastering make 10 facts. Here is a fun video to try out at home!

We had an exciting day today! It is Quinton's birthday AND we had a Nifty Fifty party at Mr. Brook's pool!

Thank you to St. Mary's Health Center for the teeth brushing demonstration/talk today. Soon we will be brushing our teeth at school and keeping a brushing log to track our progress! We want to keep our smiles white and sparkly!

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The students are so eager to learn how to tell time. We've had fun with several hands on activities this week.

We had a wonderful time exploring the outdoors at Odell Park today.


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