Mrs. Francis

We had a fun filled day in Grade Two. Here are some photos of our Valentine Literacy and Numeracy activities, along with some shots of our fantastic class party. Thank you to all parents for the thoughtful Valentines and treats. We really enjoyed them. Grade Two sends you all their love!

Myla and Aubrie have completed an independent project this week. Their task was to follow online steps to complete a webquest on Jan Brett's famous book "The Mitten." They researched hibernation, adaptation and migration of animals in the winter months. They also learned about the characters and setting of the book, and even learned how to draw their very own hedgehog [one of the characters.] Here they are displaying their posters which are now hanging in the hallway to share with everyone. Make sure you stop to check them out!

We enjoyed a Groundhog Day craftivity on Friday which involved predicting whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow today. The results are in and it turns out that only three of us [Keagan, Ms. Stephanie and I] predicted correctly that there are 6 more weeks of winter. Stay warm everyone!

We had a wonderful time today with experiments! We inflated a balloon with an empty bottle, baking soda and vinegar. Next we made raisins dance in carbonated water and then we made kaleidoscopes with milk, food colouring and soap! 

Grade Two performs our December poem, "Santa." Listen to how fluent we're becoming!

We enjoyed our visit to the Fredericton Public Library this week. We listened to stories and had a chance to browse through the books:) We love reading!

We had a blast with our first skating adventure today! Thanks to all parents who joined us and lent a helping hand!


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