Mrs. Francis

Below you will find your scheduled time for Parent Teacher Interview Day this Monday, Nov. 10th. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress!

**If you have yet to confirm your time the following spots are still available: 1:00, 4:00, 4:30, 6:30. I can be reached over the weekend by email at to schedule an alternate time or you may meet me at the school at one of the available times. Woliwon!

10:00 - Patricia            1:30 - Ashton           6:00 - Mark

10:30 - Robert             2:00 - Ocean             

11:00 - Mariah             2:30 - Tanner

11:30 - Myla                3:00 - Noel

12:00 - Kole                3:30 - Da'quan

12:30 - Aubrie             5:30 - Keagan


Ashton volunteered to recite our Halloween poem today in front of the whole school at the recognition award ceremony. Way to go!

We had a fantastic Halloween day at CHSMES! A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came to our costume parade and sent in treats for our class party! 

Grade Two would like to thank the UNB Health Nurses who visited our classroom today. They discussed the importance of washing our hands and did a wonderful demonstration. 

This week we learned how to write commas in a series during Writer's Workshop. We think macaroni looks a lot like the comma. We made lists for what we need for our Halloween costumes and then wrote the items in a sentence. We had fun gluing in our crazy macaroni commas!

Thank you Officer Hudson for visiting our school this week to discuss safety tips! 

Happy Birthday to Patricia and Justice!

We practice our reading fluency with plenty of poetry in Grade Two. Today at the Recognition Awards Ceremony for the month of September, Mark volunteered to show off his skills with the poem, "In Autumn." Way to go!


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