Mrs. Francis

Grade Two had a special homework project this week. Our task was to build leprechaun traps from materials found around our homes, and complete a procedural writing piece to explain how to make them. This morning we presented our traps to the class and set them around the classroom in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. We are excited to see what Monday morning will bring! Stay tuned....

We had a fun day of activities. We are all 100 days smarter in Grade Two!

We are collecting tin coffee cans for our "Far out Robot" projects in Grade Two. Any donations would be appreciated! 


Ms. Fullarton

We made beautiful snowflakes for the classroom windows out of markers, water and coffee filters! Check them out!

This month we're learning how to use apostrophes to show ownership. Today we had fun writing sentences that used a piece of macaroni as an apostrophe. Ayla shares her work!

Grade Two would like to thank Amanda Paul [Hannah's Mom] for serving us breakfast this morning! The breakfast program is always looking for parent volunteers. If you're interested please contact myself or Ms. Boyer at the school.




Here is a great video we watch in class to help us learn our Odd and Even numbers!

We are learning about verbs this month. Here is a fun activity we did this week with our favourite "Angry Bird" characters. We coloured our birds and then wrote sentences describing the action [verb] the bird demonstrated while angry.

Gracie's Mom served corn flakes and rice krispies yesterday. Yum! Thank you Melinda! It is great to have parents in to visit our classroom each week.

Every third Wednesday Grade Two has the opportunity to participate in an outdoor classroom. Our first adventure was a walk over the train bridge to the Longhouse. We learned all about how it was built, the significance of the sacred fire, and much more.


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