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This week every student completed and returned their homework! Each Friday we have "Pickle" or "Ketchup" time. "Pickles" get to choose a fun activity and the "Ketchups" complete their homework. This week the class chose to make SLIME! We had a blast. Great job everyone!

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Ayla and Aubree demonstrate the reading comprehension strategy, "Check for Understanding." One student reads a page and then stops. Their reading partner holds a checkmark and asks them to "Check for Understanding." The student who just read summarizes the information he/she took in. The roles are then reversed. This helps students focus on the meaning of text. Great job girls!

Grade Two has Art class every Friday. Today we had fun making fall apples out of paper bags, newspaper and lots of colourful paint.

Each Tuesday Grade Two teams up with Grade Five for Reading Buddies. A Grade Two student reads with a Grade Five student during this time. Reading Buddies addresses the learning needs of both younger and older children by improving reading, fluency and social skills. Aidan [Grade Five] read with Isaac and Marshall today [Grade Two.]

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We review ways to make 10 in September. We have fun practicing with this video in school. Try it out at home!

Emma Polches did a fantastic job on her Whale Shark report! She wrote a lot of detail, edited her writing successfully and took her time to do a nice job. I asked her what she found most interesting about Whale Sharks. She said "They eat squid and octopus." Amazing work Emma!

On Tuesday, May. 7th we went to LHHS to spend time with our high school reading buddies. The librarian read us a wonderful story, we enjoyed pizza and cupcakes for lunch and delivered thank you letters to our buddies. They were very kind to invite us to their school to spend some time with them. They even bought us each a book to take home! We really enjoyed having our buddies come to CHSMES to read each Tuesday.

Woliwon LHHS!


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