Mrs. Francis

This week our Breakfast Program got underway! Once a week, each Grade is served breakfast by a parent volunteer. Grade Two would like to thank Heather Brooks for the delicious toast and apple juice today. What a great way to start our day!

We had a fun filled day at CHSMES. Check out our fantastic costumes!

We are learning how contractions are formed this month. Two words are combined to make one shorter word, and an apostrophe takes the place of one or two letters. Joseph displays "you'll" which is short for "you will."

Nursing students from UNB visited our classroom on Friday, Oct. 18th. They spoke about the importance of personal hygiene with a focus on handwashing. They had a great interactive demonstration using "glo germs' and a blacklight. We are practicing washing our hands properly before recess and lunch daily.

Sadie and Gracie demonstrate "Stretchy Snake." When faced with an unknown/difficult word students S T R E T C H the sounds of the word out while stretching an elastic band. Then they put the sounds together to make the word while the elastic shrinks to its original size. Try it out at home!

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** You may notice that your child did not come home with homework reading books. If this is the case it is due to last week's unreturned books. Please check at home for any books borrowed from school. All homework materials have to be returned each Friday in order for your child to be a "Pickle!"

**Every student is required to have both an indoor and outdoor pair of shoes for school. Help keep the gym and hallway floors clean!




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This week every student completed and returned their homework! Each Friday we have "Pickle" or "Ketchup" time. "Pickles" get to choose a fun activity and the "Ketchups" complete their homework. This week the class chose to make SLIME! We had a blast. Great job everyone!

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Ayla and Aubree demonstrate the reading comprehension strategy, "Check for Understanding." One student reads a page and then stops. Their reading partner holds a checkmark and asks them to "Check for Understanding." The student who just read summarizes the information he/she took in. The roles are then reversed. This helps students focus on the meaning of text. Great job girls!


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