Mrs. Francis

Dear Families,

      Our class has been working hard on Readers Theatre this month.  Our goal has been to enhance reading skill and confidence through practice with a purpose. I have seen an improvement in every student’s confidence and fluency while reading aloud.

      On Friday June 1st , we will be performing “Spiderella” during the Recognition Awards at 1pm in the Gym. We would love to see  family members in the audience.

      Below is a list of suggestions for each character to wear to school on Friday. PLEASE do not buy anything new for your child to wear, but if you have the items at home it would be helpful for our costumes.  Hope to see you on Friday!


 Ms. Francis

 Olivia – Red shirt                          Will – Black pants and shirt

Camryn – Red shirt                        Axton – Black pants and shirt

Simon – Red shirt                          Cohl – Dress pants and shirt

Hailey – Red shirt                         Chantal – Dress

Mitchell – Black pants and shirt

Christopher – Black pants and shirt

Maddy – Dress    


This week was the first of homework in Grade 2. Not only did each and every student complete their tasks for the week, but they also returned home books. Did I mention that they did so with smiles on their faces? Now that is what I call "Cool in School!" Keep up the fantastic work boys and girls. 

Dear Parents,

     We will be heading over to Odell Park on Monday, June 1st with Kindergarten and Grade One by bus. Your child needs to bring along a snack and dress appropriately for the weather. Please remember to sign and return the permission slip for Monday morning if you haven't done so already.


     Ms. Fullarton

Dear Families,

     Thank you so much for meeting with me this week to discuss your child's progress. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to watch your children learn and grow during their second grade here at CHSMES. I'm very pleased to inform everyone that we had 100% of parents attend this term at Parent Teacher Interviews so we will  be looking forward to our class pizza party! Please remember to contact me at the school throughout next term if you have any questions or concerns. 


     Ms. Fullarton

Below you will find your scheduled time for Parent Teacher Interview Day this Monday, Nov. 10th. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress!

**If you have yet to confirm your time the following spots are still available: 1:00, 4:00, 4:30, 6:30. I can be reached over the weekend by email at to schedule an alternate time or you may meet me at the school at one of the available times. Woliwon!

10:00 - Patricia            1:30 - Ashton           6:00 - Mark

10:30 - Robert             2:00 - Ocean             

11:00 - Mariah             2:30 - Tanner

11:30 - Myla                3:00 - Noel

12:00 - Kole                3:30 - Da'quan

12:30 - Aubrie             5:30 - Keagan





                         Twas the Night Before School

                                 ~Author Unknown~


                 Twas the night before school started,

                           When all through the town

                           The parents were cheering

                              It was a riotous sound

                           By eight kids were washed

                               And tucked into bed

                         When memories of homework

                             Filled them with dread


                  New pencils, new folders, new notebooks too!

                             New teachers, new friends…

                                  Their anxiety grew

                           The parents just giggled when

                            They learned of this fright

                             And shouted – “Upstairs! –

                          go to bed! It’s a school night!”


We are collecting tin coffee cans for our "Far out Robot" projects in Grade Two. Any donations would be appreciated! 


Ms. Fullarton

Tomorrow at 10:45 we will be walking to LHHS to enjoy a pizza party with our Reading Buddies! We will return to the school at noon. There is a permission slip attached to this week's homework. Please sign and RETURN TOMORROW if your child wishes to attend. He/she will only need to pack a snack for tomorrow. 


Ms. Fullarton

Grades 2 and 3 are going on a field trip to Scott's Nursery and Dari Delite this Thursday, May. 2nd at 9:30. We will travel by bus, returning to the school at 11:30. Please sign and return the permission slip attached to homework ASAP and send in 2 dollars if you wish for your child to attend. 


Ms. Fullarton


* Here is a copy of the notice I sent home with report cards:


Dear Parents:


I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress this term. I have assigned you a time for our conference below. Please sign beside your child’s name and return to school ASAP to confirm. If this time does not work for you, please contact me by phone at the school [462-9683] or by email at to reschedule. Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


Ms. Fullarton


Thursday, April 4th


Marissa Sacobie – 3:00 _______________________


Chelsey Sappier – 3:15 ________________________


Liberty Francis – 3:30 ________________________


Latham Paul – 3:45___________________________


Connor Paul – 4:00___________________________


Eddie Paul – 4:15____________________________


Friday. April 5th


Helen Brown – 9:00___________________________


Brooklyn Paul – 9:15___________________________


Burton Brooks – 9:30__________________________


Dreden Paul – 9:45____________________________


Emma Polches – 10:00__________________________


Ciara Paul – 10:15_____________________________


Ondrey Brooks – 10:30_________________________


Mya Craig – 10:45_____________________________




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