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In this short clip the students demonstrate the action for the "flip the sound" reading strategy. When they come across a difficult word they try both vowel sounds. Ask your child to show you at home!

We have been working on several reading strategies in order to improve our accuracy. In this quick video the students demonstrate the questions and actions that go along with "cross checking." When they read a difficult word they stop and ask themselves 3 questions. If the answer is "no" to any of the questions they try the word again. It's really helped them slow down and monitor their reading. Ask your child to try it out at home!

Grade Two performs our December poem, "Santa." Listen to how fluent we're becoming!

Ashton volunteered to recite our Halloween poem today in front of the whole school at the recognition award ceremony. Way to go!

We practice our reading fluency with plenty of poetry in Grade Two. Today at the Recognition Awards Ceremony for the month of September, Mark volunteered to show off his skills with the poem, "In Autumn." Way to go!

Nevaeh shares her writing from today describing the state our classroom was in this St. Patrick's Day morning. Excellent job!

Sadie and Gracie demonstrate "Stretchy Snake." When faced with an unknown/difficult word students S T R E T C H the sounds of the word out while stretching an elastic band. Then they put the sounds together to make the word while the elastic shrinks to its original size. Try it out at home!

Ayla and Aubree demonstrate the reading comprehension strategy, "Check for Understanding." One student reads a page and then stops. Their reading partner holds a checkmark and asks them to "Check for Understanding." The student who just read summarizes the information he/she took in. The roles are then reversed. This helps students focus on the meaning of text. Great job girls!

We love working with Poetry! It helps us read fluently, expand vocabulary and develop an enthusiasm for reading.


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