Mrs. J Saunders

Today we had an Author's Celebration to celebrate the end of our poetry unit. Students' Poetry Books were sent home today to share with family and friends. 

Hello parents,

Here is a video to explain the package that was sent home with your child yesterday. Packages were sent home with children who need extra support in Literacy. Some students were sent home with addition facts too.

Your support is very much appreciated! 

Ms. Saunders

A big congratulations to last month's award winners. Keep up your hard work and WOLAMSOTAS!

Wow, that's a lot of snow out there! I hope you're all safe, warm, and cozy inside. Hopefully we'll all get a chance to enjoy the fresh snow today. 

The recent snow days have mixed up our schedule. Here's what will be happening in grade 2 this week. 

Valentine's Day party: We will celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow (Wednesday). Just in case the class list sent home has been burried in the snow, here are the 21 students in our class: 

  • Aaliyah, Abigail, Aderley, Andrew, Caden, Chase, Cianna, Dean, Haidyn, Isabella, Jacob, Jakobi, John, Koben, Kohen, Lily, Mathew, Ray, Terryn, TJ and Will. 

Spelling Quiz: Last week's spelling quiz will be postponed until Friday (Feb. 17). Those 'w' words can be tricky so please take the extra time to keep practicing. 

See you all tomorrow! 

We had another great visit from Science East today. We got to dissect owl pellets to look for bones from their prey (such as mice). It was a little gross but A LOT awesome!

Grade 2 has started practicing yoga every day after lunchtime. It's been a great way to get the students' minds and bodies ready for Math class! Visit the Cosmic Yoga YouTube channel to try yoga at home. 

Congratulations to November's award winners! Keep up your good work and WOLAMSOTAS!

Congratulations to October's award winners. Keep up your hard work and WOLAMSOTAS!

We had a great day celebrating Halloween in Grade 2! Thank you to everyone who helped make our classroom party such a success!

Grade 2 loved this morning's visit to River View Orchards. The playground, pumpkin patch, tractor ride, apple picking, and corn maze kept us very busy! The students are already looking forward to the next fieldtrip in a couple weeks.


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