Ms. Boyer

great job!


Great partner reading, girls!


Great job reading the beginning of "The Koala Who Could"!


Myla & Kacey reading poems. 


We had a great time learning about inclined planes.  

Great race, Myla & Mariah!

practicing_for_dibels-_january_1.pdf63.93 KB


You can practice reading with your children at home with these documents. 


In grade five we have been concentrating on being kind to one another.

Patricia and Kacey decided to help out Ms. Pam this week during an indoor recess.  Way to go, girls!

We have such a great time skating on Fridays!

All parents are welcome to join us!

Grade five had a great time celebrating Halloween this week!

The grade five class has been participating in a walking challenge.

CHSMES has won the challenge the past two years!


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