Ms. Boyer

We had a wonderful time learning about China and celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Michael did a great project on Chinese alligators. He did a wonderful job!




Kaleb said a wonderful project on dragons! Great job, Kaleb!

The grade 5 class has been working hard at their Ancient Socities unit on China.

 Here is a Selena Brooks presenting her project on pandas.  Great job, Selena! 

The grade 5 class has been doing a Social Studies unit on China.  We have learned about the history, geography and culture of China.  

This Friday we are ending our unit with a Chinese New Year celebration!  The class will be presenting their projects about all different parts of China.  We will be doing some traditional Chinese art, eating Chinese food and many other fun things!

Stay tuned for some video clips of their presentations next week!


We had a great time touring the facility of NBCC!  We then got to bring our "pinch pots" made of clay back to school and paint them!

This fall grades 4 and 5 had the pleasure of visiting the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.  We had an amazing tour of the school and learned all about the facility.  Our tour guides, Shane Perley-Dutcher and Charlie Gaffney, taught us about native art and designs.  We saw some examples of baskets, wood carvings, pottery, jewellery and regalia from around New Brunswick.  

Next, we made "pinch pots" from clay.  We learned about traditional Maliseet designs and carved some into the clay, then got fired in a kiln.

Shane came in to CHSMES today to help us paint more designs on them.  Mr. Perley-Dutcher said, "It's great to see our young artists at work, keep up the great work!"  Woliwon, Shane and Charlie!  We had a great experience!

We look forward to seeing our finished pieces.

PS - Thank you to the Clay Cafe for donating the paint for our projects!


Homework is due on Friday, January 28th   

  • Task One – Reading

- Read your “home book” for at least 20 minutes each night.

  • Task Two – Word Work

-      Practice the spelling words on your word list every night.  Re-write them 2 times each.

 (all list words are in the attachment below)

-      Create 10 good sentences using your words for the week.  

You may email these to me -


  • Task Three:  Math

-      Complete Mr. Fisher’s math sheet.


  • Task Four – Journal Writing  - you may email your journal entry to me

Choose one of the following topics:

1. China  - write one organized paragraph about something that we have learned in class about China. 

2. Write a journal page pretending to be Michael from “Kensuke’s Kingdom” – discuss a day on your deserted island.

The grade 5 clan is the Wolf clan.



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