Ms. Boyer

Grade Five Homework

All homework is due on Friday, January 18th

Don't forget:  all your homework must be done to attend "Friday Fun Day"!



Scholastic Book Orders sent home today

Your list words are at the bottom of this page (open the attachments)


  • Task One – Reading

Read your “home book” for at least 20 minutes each night.

  • Task Two – word work

Practice the spelling words on your word list every night, rewrite your words at least 2 times each.

Create 10 good sentences using your spelling words.  Add lots of details (adjectives) and interesting verbs.

Write your sentences on the lined sheet numbered 1-10.

  • Task Three:  Math

Complete Mr. Fisher's math sheet.

  • Task Four:  Cursive Writing

Complete your cursive writing worksheet.


This is a great website to input your weekly words and practice them!

We had such a great time skating!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful break!  We are all really excited to get back to school at CHSMES!


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