Ms. Muise

Here is a new song Grade One has been listening/singing to in order to help them with counting to 100.


After seeing progress reports and helping your child complete their homework, you may have noticed that some still struggle with letter names and sounds. Here is a game that was passed along from a colleague that will make their learning fun. Enjoy!

Grade One raised the most money in the entire school! Woliwon to everyone that donated!

As you may have noticed from your child's September Progress Report, counting backwards from 20 seems to be a difficult task. Here is a song that all students in Grade One love and it helps them practice counting at the same time!

If you are a parent or guardian of a child in Grade One please send a friend request to: K Muise Chsmes

Learning sight words doesn't have to be boring. In Grade One we LOVE to play games to help us learn!

Students in Grade One have been learning how to create, extend and translate repeating patterns from one representation to another.

Here is a song that we've been singing in order to practice our letter names and sounds. ENJOY!

We always have a blast on our outdoor excursions! Remember all family members are welcome to join us at Killarney Lake every Wednesday!


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