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Does your child need a little refresher on some of their letter sounds. A common error students make after they learn long vowels sounds is that they start to use long vowel sounds for everything! Here is a song to help keep them on track!

Practice, practice, practice those nonsense words! How fast can you read them?

Ever wonder why teachers have your children read nonsense words? Well what we are doing is measuring your child’s ability to decode individual phonemes as well as measuring their ability to blend those sounds together to read words.

Here is a quick video showing you how you can help your child learn to read nonsense words.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to have your child be able to look at the nonsense word and read it (without sounding it out).

Hello All,

Just in case there is a storm day tomorrow, here is a class list for your children to write their valentines.













Ms. Claudine

Ms. Muise

Sometimes the simplest games are the most successful! Students were given a number line from 2 - 12 along with 11 conversation hearts. They then had to roll two number dice, find the sum and cover it with one of their hearts. The first player to have all their numbers covered won the game. This is such an easy game to make and play at home! 

Today Grade One found out about how scientists look at animal skat to determine what foods animals eat. Students then got to carefully inspect and take apart owl pellets to find out what sorts of things our feathered friends eat. We found lots of rodent bones, skulls, berries and fur! What an awesome visit from Science East!

Everyday boys and girls in Grade One have an addition fact challenge. Our very first winners are... The BOYS! Congratulations boys!

Grade One has spent the first couple weeks back mastering addition questions by using the counting on method. Students are now working hard to memorize their Double Facts. here is a song to help them quickly learn them all!

This Tuesday Grade One had lots of fun learning about The Five Senses with Science East. Science East will be visiting our classroom every other Tuesday for lots of hands on activities!

Wondering how to make spelling practice fun? Students loved studying their No Excuse Spelling Words with a simple game of Tic Tac Toe. See next weeks homework for details.


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