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Please note that students should read their borrowed book EACH day!

Also, starting this Friday students will have a spelling test on their No Excuse Spelling list.

Grade one has been working hard on their addition facts (especially zeros and ones facts).

I encourage you to practice those facts with your child for a couple minutes each day.

Here are some addition projects we have been working on in class. 

Grade One is known at C.H.S.M.E.S. as Muswakutomuhticik (The Moose Clan).

Here is a list of each students' spirit name. If you are unsure of how to say a name or are uncertain of what a name means, just ask your child, they are experts!

Nevaeh - toqaq 

Marki - samaqan

Jordan - wiphun

Marshall - pun

Isaac - tap

Layla -siqon

Colin - sqot

Ayla - welaqahtuwet

Gracie - sipuhsis

Kayla - kakskus

Hannah - kinapuwinusq

Joseph - sec

Sadie - nipon

Aubree - pkot

Dawson - kinapuwin

Luke - pahq

Robert - 'tomawey

Aluhk - welimakskil



Welcome Back!

I hope that you all enjoyed the holidays with your families. Our action packed first term sure did fly by! Students kept busy both inside and outside of the classroom. We have covered much ground in class. It is amazing how their little brains soak things up so quickly! Outside of the classroom, students enjoyed a field trip to the Big Potato, skated at Willie O'Ree and even took in a movie at Empire Theatres. I have no doubt that our second term at C.H.S.M.E.S. will be even better.

Ms. Muise

Welcome to our NEW website!


From time to time I will post pictures to show you some of the neat things that are taking place within our classroom as well as throughout the school. Please check back frequently for updates, student exemplars and information about our classroom.




Ms. Muise



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