Ms. Muise

Check out Grade One's poems saying fairwell to summer and hello to fall! They are all pretty proud of their finished products!

Students enjoyed a science presentation from Stantec yesterday morning.

Grade One has th opportunity to write indepedently every day! Take a look at all our hard workers!

Here is a sneak peek of Grade One building their stamina for "Read to Self".

What a great first day in Grade One!

The month of September is what I like to call a "review month". Students will spend the majority of September reviewing material from Kindergarten.

Students will be expected to write, represent and recognize numbers to 20, count by 1s (forwards and backwards starting at any given number), count by 2s and know which number is 1more/1less than a given number.

Here is a catchy song that will refresh your child's memory and have them ready to go on their first day back!

Welcome to Grade One!

My name is Karlee Muise and I am your Grade One teacher. I have been teaching at CHSMES since 2010. (WOW! Where has the time gone?) You may not have seen me around the school very often last year because I welcomed my very first child into the world. Although I enjoyed my time at home I am VERY excited to be back and I hope that you are too!

 Grade One is a huge jump from Kindergarten! Ms. Saunders and I have always worked very close together therefore the transition from Kindergarten to Grade One should be very smooth. We will have lots of fun learning together and I will make sure to keep you all informed about our learning goals for each month.

 Parents, please make sure that your son or daughter has indoor shoes appropriate for the gym! Also, please label your child’s belongings that may get left behind (sweaters, lunch bags, water bottles, etc.).

 At CHSMES we like to keep in touch with parents. Please check out our website to see all of the neat things taking place in the classroom as well as throughout the school. Also, DO NOT hesitate to contact me if there is ever an issue or question. You can do so simply by calling the school (preferably during after school hours), sending a note with your child in the morning or by sending me an email at

 I look forward to the school year ahead!

                              Ms. Muise 

Grade One has a new favourite sight word game! Sight Word Jenga! Simply print sight words on Jenga blocks. Each time a player selects a block they must read the word before placing it on the top of the tower. ENJOY! 

After practicing blowing soap bubbles, we were curious to find out who could blow bubbles with bubble gum. Here are some of our results! In case you don't know how, take a look at Joshua's writing!

With the warm spring weather, Grade One laced up their shoes and had some fun outside! Students blew bubbles and then wrote about where their bubbles flew off to. There is no limit to their imaginations!


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