Ms. Muise

Congratulations to Alexis NP for being the FIRST student in Grade One to successfully complete the "Racing Through the Facts: Addition 0-10"!

Keep up the AWESOME work Lexi!

If there is one thing I know about Grade One, it is that they love to be on the MOVE! Math class is usually a time when students can get out of their seats to practice their skills. Here students had to hunt for Easter eggs around the classroom, use one of their newly aquired mental math strategies to find the sum and finally record their answers. Great job everyone!

Nonsense words can be tricky. Here is a link to several videos that can help them with this sometimes daunting task.

If this tasks seems to easy, write a list of several nonsense words and see how many your child can read correctly in one minute. Can they automatically read the word or do they have to sound it out first?

I couldn't resist taking pictures of Grade One during math class today. They worked their little hearts out using different mental math strategies they have learned thus far (Counting On, Partners of Ten and Adding Doubles). Keep up the great work boys and girls!

Keep in mind...

When adding O, the sum stays the same as the greatest number being added.

When adding 1, count on 1 more from the greatest number.

When adding 2, count on 2 more from the greatest number.

Students have had a blast playing games under the "addition" section on this website. Now they can have fun practicing their facts at home too!


Due to the extreme cold weather warning for Tuesday, February 24th sledding, is postponed until Thursday, February 26th and PJ Day will be tomorrow!

Here at CHSMES we kicked off our Winter Carnival with Crazy Hat and Hair Day. Students in Grade One got VERY creative!

Here's a song that will help your little ones remember those tricky double facts!



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