Ms. Muise

Students LOVE any game that allows them to build!

Here's how to play Cup Stack:

1. Player 1 selects a cup and must say the number. If read correctly, the cup will be one piece of the tower.

2. Player 2 repeats and adds their cup to the tower.

3. If the tower falls, the game is over!

Good luck and happy building!

As you know, counting back from a given number has proven to be much more difficult for students. Here is a song that may help with the learning process. Enjoy!

Here is a fun and inexpensive game to help students learn their new sight words. All you need are styrofoam cups and a trinket (in our case a bear figurine).

How to play:

1. Write new sight words on cups.

2. Player 1 hides the trinket under one of the cups.

3. Player 2 guesses which cup the trinket is under by reading the sight word on the cup.

4. Switch roles!

Students have enjoyed their first two skates at the Willie O'Ree! Remember parents are welcome!

A must watch until the end! So cute!

As you already know, Grade One is focusing on numbers to 50 throughout the month of November. Here is a song to help students learn the number sequence as well as to begin to recognize those numbers. Have fun!

Grade One has been working on a Halloween poem to perform for you! Enjoy!

Today we read a story called "Picture Day Perfection" by Deborah Diesen. Some students in Grade One decided that it would be a great idea to play a prank on their parents with some pretty funny faces. So here they are parents, your children's "PERFECT SCHOOL PICTURE". Enjoy!

Grade One has just begun to learn to skip count by 2s. It is our goal to be able to count from 0 to 20 by 2s by the end of this month! Here is a song to help students reach that goal!


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