Ms. Muise

Grade One sure does appreciate our volunteers that come every Friday to make pancakes and recess snacks!

Woliwon to everyone that helps!

Here is a song to help you with your doubles facts!

Here is a game to help you with your addition facts!

Have fun!

Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two had an exciting time at the library. We listened to stories, sang, dance and even got a tour!

Several students are having difficulty naming the months of the year. Here is a song that we have been singing in class to help!

Students in Grade One will be taking exploring numbers 0-50 for the month of Decemeber. Here is a song to help with counting and number recognition!

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Hello Parents,

Woliwon to those of you who responded right away to make an appointment. For those of you who have yet to confirm an appointment time, I have attached a document with the left over time slots. Please send in your preferred time tomorrow with your child.

Every third Wednesday students in grade one will be travelling to an outdoor classroom sight. This week we walked across the old train bridge to talk about the Saint John River and made our way over to the long house before it was taken down. Students learned how the long house was built, about the sacred fire and much more! Grade One would like to send a special thank you out to Harry for teaching us all these special things!


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