Ms. Muise

Grade One raised the most money in the entire school! Woliwon to everyone that donated!

Learning sight words doesn't have to be boring. In Grade One we LOVE to play games to help us learn!

Students in Grade One have been learning how to create, extend and translate repeating patterns from one representation to another.

We always have a blast on our outdoor excursions! Remember all family members are welcome to join us at Killarney Lake every Wednesday!

What a great first day for these little ones! 

Sometimes the simplest games are the most successful! Students were given a number line from 2 - 12 along with 11 conversation hearts. They then had to roll two number dice, find the sum and cover it with one of their hearts. The first player to have all their numbers covered won the game. This is such an easy game to make and play at home! 

Today Grade One found out about how scientists look at animal skat to determine what foods animals eat. Students then got to carefully inspect and take apart owl pellets to find out what sorts of things our feathered friends eat. We found lots of rodent bones, skulls, berries and fur! What an awesome visit from Science East!

This Tuesday Grade One had lots of fun learning about The Five Senses with Science East. Science East will be visiting our classroom every other Tuesday for lots of hands on activities!

Wondering how to make spelling practice fun? Students loved studying their No Excuse Spelling Words with a simple game of Tic Tac Toe. See next weeks homework for details.


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