Ms. Muise

Here is a new song Grade One has been listening/singing to in order to help them with counting to 100.


As you may have noticed from your child's September Progress Report, counting backwards from 20 seems to be a difficult task. Here is a song that all students in Grade One love and it helps them practice counting at the same time!

Here is a song that we've been singing in order to practice our letter names and sounds. ENJOY!

Does your child need a little refresher on some of their letter sounds. A common error students make after they learn long vowels sounds is that they start to use long vowel sounds for everything! Here is a song to help keep them on track!

Practice, practice, practice those nonsense words! How fast can you read them?

Grade One has spent the first couple weeks back mastering addition questions by using the counting on method. Students are now working hard to memorize their Double Facts. here is a song to help them quickly learn them all!

Here is a song to help students with our next math outcome, skip counting by 2s. Remember, Grade One only has to be able to skip count to 20, however some students are already to count even further! 

Over the past week students have learn to compare numbers using the greater than, less than and equal signs. Here is a catchy little tune that students loved to listen to to help remind them of how to use each sign correctly. Enjoy!

The month of September is what I like to call a "review month". Students will spend the majority of September reviewing material from Kindergarten.

Students will be expected to write, represent and recognize numbers to 20, count by 1s (forwards and backwards starting at any given number), count by 2s and know which number is 1more/1less than a given number.

Here is a catchy song that will refresh your child's memory and have them ready to go on their first day back!

Nonsense words can be tricky. Here is a link to several videos that can help them with this sometimes daunting task.

If this tasks seems to easy, write a list of several nonsense words and see how many your child can read correctly in one minute. Can they automatically read the word or do they have to sound it out first?


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