Ms. Muise

After seeing progress reports and helping your child complete their homework, you may have noticed that some still struggle with letter names and sounds. Here is a game that was passed along from a colleague that will make their learning fun. Enjoy!

Here is a fun game that students have enjoyed playing on the Smartboard during math centre time that helps with learning their addition facts.

Click on the link above to take you there!

Here is a game to help you with your addition facts!

Have fun!

Grade one students love listening to stories about Pete the Cat.

Here is a link that will allow students to listen to recorded versions of the books, learn about the author and much, much more!


You may have noticed in your child's homework that they are now working with numbers up to 100.

Here is a link to a popular song in Grade One that is helping your child not only to learn the number sequence but also to recognize numbers to 100. For extra practice, have students sing along and then ask them question such as "what number comes before and after 33?" or "Can you write the number 79?".


Grade One has been working VERY hard on their addition facts this semester. One way students practice their basic addition facts is through games on the internet. Several students have been asking to me to post a link to some of the addition games they have been playing in the classroom. So here it is!

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