Ms. Webber

The grade 3 class had so much fun on our school trip to the apple orchard yesterday! The apples were delicious and the corn maze was so much fun. Woliwon Riverview Orchard! 

We had a great first month in grade 3! We've been working hard on our studies, and have also completed some fun art projects and took part in cool activities like the Stantec Science Fair. Check out the students hard at work on their beaver mosaics and celebrating their accomplishments at the Recognition Award Ceremony!

We've done many creative activities in class this week, including bridges to demonstrate our knowledge of structures and materials in science class, and bubble paint flowers in art class. I am always so impressed with the beautiful and interesting designs the students create. We may have future engineers or artists among us!

We've started our Science unit on materials and structures. Last week we read the story of The Three Little Pigs and talked about the different materials the pigs tried. The students then designed their own homes for our little pig. Today we turned those designs into real structures and tested their strength with the "Big Bad Wolf" - a hair dryer! Most of the houses stood up under the test. Grade 3 is full of very impressive builders!

Today we celebrated Earth Day by learning about some endangered animals in New Brunswick. After we talked about all of the animals, including their habitats and predetors, we wrote diamante poems relating them to humans. We also made promises to take action protecting the planet, so that all animals can be healthy and happy. Happy Earth Day!

Grade 3 learned about weaving today. We talked about how people weave pieces of wood or fabric together to make stronger structures, like baskets and blankets. We used cardboard looms and yarn to make bracelets. Under, over, under, over!

This week grade 3 has moved on in our Invisible Forces Science unit to learn about static electricity. We have explored how static can attract or repel objects, such as soda cans and feathers. We've had a soda can race and performed experiments. We all agree that science is lots of fun!

Our class learned some origami today. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. We all learned to make origami bunnies, and then turned them into Easter cards to take home. Happy Easter from grade 3!

The grade 3 class wrote speeches a few weeks ago to persuade other students and staff to hold a Custodian Appreciation Day. To represent our class in the Custodian Appreciation Day celebration, we decided to make a video with a sampling of those speeches. Woliwon!

Today we celebrated Pink Shirt Day to increase positive actions in our school. I was very happy to see so many students participate!


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