Ms. Webber

Grade 3 learned about weaving today. We talked about how people weave pieces of wood or fabric together to make stronger structures, like baskets and blankets. We used cardboard looms and yarn to make bracelets. Under, over, under, over!

This week grade 3 has moved on in our Invisible Forces Science unit to learn about static electricity. We have explored how static can attract or repel objects, such as soda cans and feathers. We've had a soda can race and performed experiments. We all agree that science is lots of fun!

Our class learned some origami today. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. We all learned to make origami bunnies, and then turned them into Easter cards to take home. Happy Easter from grade 3!

The grade 3 class wrote speeches a few weeks ago to persuade other students and staff to hold a Custodian Appreciation Day. To represent our class in the Custodian Appreciation Day celebration, we decided to make a video with a sampling of those speeches. Woliwon!

Today we celebrated Pink Shirt Day to increase positive actions in our school. I was very happy to see so many students participate!

We've been busy this week, learning about adverbs, persuasive writing, measurement, and many other topics as well. We still managed to have some fun though, celebrating a birthday and making some beautiful dreamcatchers in Art class. Happy Friday, everyone!

This week we are learning about adverbs - words we use to answer the questions "How?" "When?" "Where?" and "How often?". Today we read a book called If you were an Adverb and learned new adverbs like "fearlessly" and "speedily". We also watched this video. It's an old one, but it's a lot of fun!

We love Valentine's Day! We exchanged cards and ate yummy treats students brought in. Today was also supposed to be the 100th day of school (give or take a few snow days) so we filled ten frames with snacks to make 100 treats! Finally, we played a game of Cupid's Arrow, trying to shoot "arrows" into the heart bowl. It was pretty hard - but fun too! Thank you to everyone who sent in cards and treats. We loved them!

This week the grade 3 class did a little science experiment - growing crystals! All it took was hot water and a little Borax and voilà! We are very excited to take our crystal hearts home as Valentine's Day presents for our families.

Ms. Webber got a chance to check out the Basketball League games today at lunch hour. So proud of how well the grade 3 students are doing in their first year of playing on the teams! Wolamsotas!


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