Ms. Webber

This Friday Grade 3 is going to try an art project that is also a science experiment. Ms. Webber tested it out today. What do you think we're doing?

We have so many great students in our class - it's hard to choose how to give out the awards! Congratulations to Patricia, Tanner, Ashton and Mariah for being recognized this month!

We had lots of fun at our Christmas party before the break. We ate treats, played games, and even opened presents!

We had quite a day on Friday, with pancakes, skating, a pizza party and Recognition Awards! Lots of fun!

We planted our hyacinth bulbs 2 weeks ago today and I'm pleased to say there is some small growth in each pot now! We have found that the pot we water each week is growing faster than the pot we water each day, which surprised some of us. We'll continue to watch them grow as the weeks go on. Our seeds are also thriving - the sprouts get bigger every day! We have some great gardeners in Grade 3!

We just planted our seeds last Thursday and already we've noticed some sprouts! Our Swiss chard, sage and hyacinths don't seem to be coming yet, but we have lettuce and thyme sprouts. We're hoping to see more growth soon!

In grade 3 this week we started our Science unit on plants. To learn about what plants need to grow, we have started our own little classroom farm. Each student planted lettuce, Swiss chard, thyme or sage seeds and we also planted two pots of hyacinth bulbs. We are growing the hyacinths in two different spots in the classroom and are watering them differently, to see what makes them grow better. We are excited for our plants to start growing!

We had an awesome time last Friday at the Halloween Parade, Recognition Award Ceremony, and our class Halloween party! We were a spooky-looking bunch!

Mariah and Myla have been working on writing a Halloween poem during Daily 5, and were excited to share their work so far.


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