Ms. Webber

Today our class started recess a little bit early to enjoy some frozen yogurt and fruit to celebrate Terryn's great run this past Sunday at provincials. Yum!

In case you didn't know, we have a celebrity in grade 3! Ms. Terryn Bear, district champion, participated in the provincial cross country championships this Sunday...and got second place! She also qualified for the Atlantic championships next month. Way to go, Terryn! Now THAT shows how to Wolamsotas!

We had so much fun last Friday! At the apple orchard the students went through the corn maze and picked their own apples. Then we played on the playground. We even saw an eagle flying in the sky! Back at school we did some Mo Willems-themed art and wished Abby a happy early birthday. Now we're looking forward to a new fun week in grade 3!

Grade 3 took part in the Terry Fox Walk today! We met in the gym after recess to watch a short video about Terry and then walked around the neighbourhood with all of the other CHSMES students. We also completed our weekly Friday Review - a short test on some of the concepts we’ve explored throughout the week. Congratulations to Lily, Caden and Andrew for getting 100%! We ended the day with our weekly prize draw. One of our Cool Kids of the Day won - enjoy your slinky, Terryn!

Today we celebrated all of our hard work in September at Recognition Award Day. Congratulations to our award recipients: Mathew and Isabella for grade 3, Terryn for physical education, and Abigail for Maliseet language. I would also like to congratulate Terryn and Andrew for winning free posters at the ceremony. Students from the whole school who were on 50 were added to the draw and we had TWO winners in our class! Congratulations also to Mathew for winning our weekly prize box draw! See you in October!

Grade 3 has a new favourite author - Mo Willems! We have read a few of his Pigeon books, as well as Knuffle Bunny and Knuffle Bunny Too. So far we have learned that he illustrates his own books and has a daughter named Trixie. We can't wait to read more of his books!

As today was the first day of fall, art class was fall themed today! We made salt painted fall trees with white glue, sea salt and food colouring. It was a fun process! At the end of the day, Will won the trip to the prize box. Have a great weekend!

Grade 3 loved our first day at the lake! Some students caught frogs, some fished, some searched for geocaches, and went for a medicine walk with Ms. Thibodeau. What a lovely morning!

This was our second week of Tuesday Music class and the students are loving it! Thanks, Mr.Zaat!

This week we recognised 10 kids for following our "Cool in School" rules. Our "Cool" kids were Terryn, Caden, Jakobi, Haidyn, T.J., Andrew, Ray, John, Kohen, and Isabella. I put their names in our prize box draw, along with the names of everyone who brought their finished homework this week, and everyone who got all of their spelling words right on the test this morning. Some kids' names were added to the draw three time because they were following the rules, had their homework done, AND aced their spelling tests! T.J. was our winner of the prize - congratulations!


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